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Cal vs. Texas video highlights, including Jared Goff reaction face

Simply crazy.

Here's a brief summary of all the important video clips from Cal's insane 45-44 win over Texas. What do you think about that Jared Goff?

Onto the individual highlights.

Jared Goff connects with Maurice Harris after escaping a pass rusher.

Goff's second touchdown was of the trash can drill back shoulder fade variety to Kenny Lawler.

Goff did a lot of these throws to Lawler.

Goff and Lawler then connected for their second touchdown of the evening.

Khalfani Muhammad had a game and seemed to put things out of reach.

But then Texas rallied....and Darius White blocked the extra point to tie the game!

Even Texas didn't know they missed it!

Jared, how did you feel about all of this?

If you want to see some of the Texas highlights, they're here too.