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Cal Athletics quietly announces recommended fan colors for every home game this football season

Kabam Field at California Memorial Stadium will have a dress code in 2015!

Remember #StripeOut Memorial?
Remember #StripeOut Memorial?
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Where would you go for information about home games at Memorial Stadium this year? The official schedule page? The gameday visitor's guide? Good guesses, but you're more wrong than me on a Berkeley math test.

If you can dig around their site for their Promotions page (H/T to Avi; still not sure how he got there), you'll find some interesting information that confirms a vague suggestion made by Coach Sonny Dykes almost one week ago.

For the 2015 football season, Cal wants the fans to show up loud and energetic (as always) and color-coordinated! Saturday's game against Grambling State and Senior Day against ASU will be Blue Outs!

Our match-ups against San Diego State and Oregon State will be Gold Outs! Hopefully those games won't go too late because I think there are only a few fans who own gold sweatshirts and jackets. I know that Old Blues have had their reservations about Gold Outs in the past, but just wait--you're about to get even Old Blueier.

The Washington State game is also labelled as the Breast Cancer Awareness Game and fans are encouraged to wear pink; the Joe Roth Game against USC takes place on Halloween and as such, the stands should be filled with Halloween costumes. I bet the faithful Golden Bear fans can't wait to not wear Blue and Gold to our games!