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Cal vs. Grambling State: Over 50,000 attendance expected, TransBay BART closed, wear blue

Just some quick friendly reminders to our community

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Good news for Cal fans. The excitement is ratcheting up for this season. The Bears have sold over 50,000 tickets for the Grambling State game. Could we actually approach 60,000?

This is a quick reminder to all of you for the Cal game. Getting there will be a little bit of a hassle.

BART Labor Day closure

There will be NO BART service between San Francisco and the East Bay the day of the game (nor on Sunday or Monday either; trains will be out of service for the TransBay Bridge connection from 12:01 AM Saturday to 4:00 AM Tuesday).

If you are coming from San Francisco, you'd better get ready to drive and potentially be stuck in Bay Area weekend traffic. I'd get to Berkeley early so you can avoid all that hassle (there will also be buses available between Embarcadero and 19th Street Oakland that will take half an hour to an hour longer).  Either that or head on over to the East Bay Friday night (BART will still be open then), find a good place to sleep, then get ready on site on Thursday.

If you're in the East Bay, you're good! Here's a rare chance to point and laugh at all those San Francisco do gooders.

Also, apparently the gameday guide asks us to wear blue. Considering I just found this out, I'm going to guess this will not go well.