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RUMOR: Cal new blue matte helmets with chrome faceguards? Maybe for Texas?

Nothing confirmed. But this has been circulating.

New Cal helmets?
New Cal helmets?
Malik Psalms

Cal fashion isn't quite as exciting as it used to be on the football stage, when we had all sorts of weirdo uniform combos getting thrown out there at the start of the decade. With a rare exception here and there, Cal generally wears the same thing every game. Blue tops, gold pants for home games (with occasional blue tops, blue pants). White tops, white pants for road games (I don't recall Cal wearing much gray last season like they did in 2013), aside from the Cal-Arizona game where they wore gold.

However, we do have a potentially promising helmet update. Cal has worn the same helmet since the start of the Dykes era without much change. White helmets have been teased but never put into practice, so in general things have been quiet.

Until now? Cal cornerback Malik Psalms tweeted this out yesterday. Could there be a one-time thing for the Texas game?

No confirmation yet on what the Golden Bears will be wearing on their bodies. I'd presume it would be white unless Texas decides to wear white, in which case Cal might come out in blue or gold.

This is your regular California Golden Blogs fashion alert.