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Watch Cal vs. San Diego State Hard Knocks mini-documentary


As usual, the mini-documentary is out, and it's filled with all the good highlights you can want. Plenty of good little clips to check out here.

  • Kenny Lawler getting hyped by the Cal Band as they get going pregame.
  • The Cal captains leading the way up the tunnel and onto the field and getting ready for the coin ceremony.
  • Jared Goff giving high fives to dudes in the student section with hard hats. And of course, plenty of gorgeous Goff spirals all over the place.
  • Cal running tough with Daniel Lasco and also on the Vic Enwere 4th down conversion where he wouldn't give up.
  • Wide shots of the field.
  • So much Joe Starkey. How many of you have missed listening to Joe Starkey on the radio at Cal games?
  • Plenty of closeups of the video highlights from on the field.
  • The Bear Territory chant which you can also watch here.

Onto Texas! GO BEARS!