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Cal football podcast: California Golden Bearcast Episode 3

We talk like we're Vandelay Industries; A little bit of this and that

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

On this week's episode of the Bearcast, Rob and I went through a myriad of topics, covering the past game against San Diego State and the upcoming matchup with Texas. We also covered this past weeks slate of games in the Pac-12, and a quick recap of some other Cal sports.

We covered:

  • A bit on maligned Cal LT Brian Farley
  • The contributions of Daniel Lasco and Vic "Spearmint Rhino" Enwere
  • How Arizona State almost lost to the powerhouse Cal Poly
  • The Fullmer Cup and how former WR coach Pierre Ingram won the Mike Haywood Leading by Example Award
  • Paul "don't call me Ann" Perkins, and how fantastic Parks and Recreation is.
  • The set up of the second half touchdown to Trevor Davis that put the game a little more out of reach
  • Rob's dog, who is tiny.
  • Our predictions for the Texas game, and general thoughts on the weeks ahead.

Give it a listen, let us know if you have any ideas for segments to be put into the show to make it better, and send us some tweets or emails. We want to hear from the general public, and any points you want to share help us get better. Thank you for listening, and Go Bears!