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California Golden Blogs Podcast: Episode 1 of the Bearcast!

Our podcasting careers have begun!

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Rejoice in the splendor of podcasts
Rejoice in the splendor of podcasts
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long ago, Rob and I decided to do a podcast under the CGB moniker. It has quickly progressed to becoming a reality. We recorded our first episode Monday afternoon and we plan to continue as the season progresses. Let us know your opinion, and give us some ideas for names. We haven't quite had the name we're looking for, and all the ones I came up with were a bit obscene, so we could use some fresh thoughts. Anyway, give it a listen, and we hope you enjoy it!

Link for it is here. CGB Podcast Episode 1

Some tidbits:

  • Find out which Cal player Clancy Pendergast really liked.
  • What TV character Jacob Peeler looks like.
  • Learn about the perfectionist habits of Bryan Anger.
  • What Cal fans want to see against Grambling State.
  • Figuring out every possible way to score this weekend and the best ways we need to score.
  • What needs to be brought to Big Game.
  • Whipping around the Pac-12.
  • What to do and what to avoid in Palo Alto on your tourist excursions.