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Which Cal uniform have you hated the most?

Which uni are you not okay with?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Avinash Kunnath: Seeing those godawful UCLA uniforms got me wondering: I can't really remember a Cal uniform I openly hated. What is your least favorite Cal uniform you've ever seen the Bears take the field with and why?

LeonPowe: Script Cal California Basketball uniforms with the "Saturn" C when we initially went to Jordan Brand. Here's Geno Carlisle.

PerryScope: Worst uniforms were the 2003-2007 Cal purple and yellow throwbacks. They look like LSU tiger jerseys and I hate the SEC.

Vlad Belo: That's the worst article ever. "2003-2007"? "Cal purple"? The uniforms were royal blue and we wore them exactly once (in 2007 vs. USC).

cldpc: They only looked purple because the torrential downpour that day made them look darker than they actually were.

Leland Wong: I've generally been a fan of the Cal uniforms since I started as a freshman back in the Tedford days. There were only two that I didn't like. First, let's remember the horror of Cal vs. Nevada 2012. I'm one of the few fans who didn't hate the white helmets, but the white helmets and pants just clashed with the jerseys that featured only blue and gold. The jersey needed some white to pull all three components together.

The other uniform combo I've disliked is what we wore against Oregon State in 2009. The white pants and the gold jerseys are two great tastes that taste like poops together. It doesn't help that this combo is inextricably linked to that terrifying injury to Jahvid Best.

Nik Jam: Pretty much with Leland here. My first choice was the gold-white combo. The team didnt wear it after that. Whether it was because it was awful, because the memory of the Jahvid injury or (my guess) both, we may never know. It's weird because when Cal baseball (and the Oakland A's) do gold jerseys with white pants it works really well, but for football (maybe because it's unusual) it was a dud.

I forgot about the white helmets at home. Blue jersey-white pants weren't terrible, but for the first game back in Memorial Stadium it was a weird choice, then add on the white helmets to boot.

Oddly, the gold jersey, gold pants combo were weird when we brought them out for the 2008 and 2010 Oregon games as well, yet I liked the new version of it during the Arizona game. I doubt we'll ever see that again and not because of the disastrous ending to that one.

Avinash: The worst Cal uniforms remain anything with home white pants. They never. Ever. Work. We often don't play that well in them either, probably because our fans are trying to figure out who they're supposed to root for because white pants are meant for road games and vacationing in the Hamptons.

(I'm not a huge fan of gold pants either (unless it's with blue jerseys) because they always remind me of Top Dog Russian mustard.)

Vlad Belo: Totally agree with Leon Powe. I didn't like the "Saturn C" basketball uniforms. But those aren't even my least favorite.

Instead of "California" on the front, we went with "Cal."  Fair enough, not really a reason to totally hate the uni.  But we inexplicably went with a "Cal" that was not the script "Cal" we know and love. It was some kind of script Cal light. It was awful.

cldpc: Honestly cannot say that there was a jersey combination I didn't like. The one that's ranked the lowest is any sort of white top on white pants combo. But there is not much distaste there.

benwermer: I can't say that I've seen a uniform that I've hated. There has been a lot of uniforms that I didn't love but none that I've disliked.