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Cal football fall camp notebook: Jordan Rigsbee at center, Semisi Uluave a possible starter?

Fall Camp has begun. The boys were out in only jerseys and shorts but nonetheless played hard to get ready for Grambling State and the season. So here is my short notebook and recap of what happened yesterday at practice.

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Rob's Notebook

Here are what the starting 11 looked like on each side:

And yes that is Semisi Uluave with the first team. How about that for the true freshman!

  • Missed about the first 45 min of practice so sorry about that readers. Won't happen again for the other ones I am at!
  • On to the Football!
  • Ray Hudson has a new body, he's bigger and stronger. Looks to be a huge asset as a target over the middle and in the flats.
  • Bug Rivera really impressed me in the spring and he continues to do so. He makes such great plays on the ball despite his size, and will really be a thorn in the defenders side every time he is on the field.
  • Jaylinn Hawkins was told to have surprised a lot of people over the summer. And seeing for the first time he surprised me as well. Recruited as a WR, he makes outstanding plays on the ball at CB and is relentless in trying to cause a turnover. No tackling today, but he went in on every possession trying to rip the ball away. Great to see a freshman not shy away from the older vets on the team.
  • LUUUUUUUKE LUUUUUUKE. Luke Rubenzer. He is no longer #8. He is no longer in a red shirt. He's in a blue #17. That means he's fully playing defense with contact. Playing with the 1st stringers, he looks very comfortable in his new role. Coach Burns gave him some compliments on a few plays as well. WE'll have to monitor his growth, but for now I think he can play in that safety spot.
  • Jordan Rigsbee ran the snaps for the 1st string, Addison Ooms for the second stringers.
  • The QBs ran bad snap drills today as well. It's fun to watch how quickly the QBs can pick it up and recover to make a throw on the run.
  • Harry Adolphus looked really good punting today. Multiple punts pinning the ball within the 5-yard line. Has a end-over-end style rugby punt yet very precise. This will be an interesting development to watch over the course of fall camp.
  • There were a lot of basic footwork and tackling drills. Since there were no pads or shells, a lot more of the focus was on fundamentals and prepping the guys for more live practice in the coming weeks.
  • The team rotated between fundamental drills, special teams, pass offense/defense & rush offense/defense, and lastly full team scrimmage with no contact.
  • James Looney and Lonny Powell look even more fit from what I saw of them at spring training.
  • You keep on hearing about Brandon Singleton and his speedster ability. It was fully on display today. The guy has wheels. It'll be hard to keep him off the field for long.
  • Kenny Lawler looks stronger, faster, and more athletic. Adding to his already huge frame. He may be set for a huge year in my opinion.
  • A new notes from the full team scrimmages:
    • Jared Goff took command of most snaps.
    • Coleman has a pick off of Trevor Davis' hands.
    • Darius White rips the ball out of Maurice Harris' hands.
    • Chase Forrest almost throws a pick to Hamilton Ano'i
    • Tongilava with a fumble recovery
    • Tre Watson looks quick on his feet and very comfortable juking at full speed.
    • Khalfani Muhammed has gotten faster. (Is that even possible?)
    • Trevor Davis with a great catch on the sidelines, dragging both his feet.
    • Maurice Harris with a great TD catch thrown by Goff to his back shoulder.
    • Jack Austin with a TD catch at the back on the end zone beating Antoine Albert in the process. Perfectly thrown by Goff.
    • Jalen Jefferson with a great tip but secondary guys just miss getting to the ball by a few feet.
    • Derek Brown PBU on a Chase Forrest throw.
    • Chad Hansen with a beautiful catch beating Malik Psalms on a streak. Perfectly thrown by Chase Forrest.
    • PLAY OF THE DAY: Maurice Harris gets a one-handed grab over Psalms. Off his back shoulder as well.
    • I gave Chad Hansen a TD, but the other guys said he was down at the 1-yard line. Regardless, a perfect throw by Ross Bowers.
    • Ross Bowers moved well in the pocket but held the ball too long on a couple of possessions. Coverage by the DBs was impeccable as well.
    • Jared Goff's first play back in was a perfectly thrown 80 yard pass to Bryce Treggs on a seam route.
    • Jared gets a low snap but recovers and hits Hudson on a seam route for 40 yards. (Jared makes it look so easy)
    • Devante Downs covers from 20 yard line all the way into the end zone and breaks up a pass.
    • Maurice Harris makes a huge TD grab despite having his jersey pulled back.
    • All the position players rotated but Jared remained at QB.
    • Barton with a fumble recovery from a bad snap.
    • Maurice Harris with another over the shoulder catch making the catch over Darius White.
    • Ray Hudson with another great catch on a corners route. Jared bulleted a pass to him and he turned around right on time to grab it.
    • Jeffery Coprich could be a man on the rise as well. He looks healthy and rejuvenated, able to make cuts left and right as well.
    • Evan Rambo picked off Chase Forrest. It would have been a pick-6.
    • Chase Forrest made a great move to roll left and makes a great throw against his body to hit Chad Hansen on the 1-yard line.
    • Carlos Strickland looks like the real deal as well. lost his footing on the field a couple times, but otherwise he has the body to be able to do some damage to CBs on the outside.
    • Kenny Lawler with another spectacular grab with his outstretched arms over his right shoulder. But also made some silly drops this practice.
    • Muhammed and Allensworth get into a scuffle. Favorite part about the scuffle was Barton and Enwere play fighting on the side, while the other two are being pulled apart.
  • Field Goal sets to end the practice. No kicking, but just practicing blocking, snapping, and defense attacking.
  • Overall this was a great practice to kick off fall camp. The players look raring to go and our engaged on every play. There's no music playing compared to spring training so you can sense the change of mentality and atmosphere around the team. Theres a lot of plot lines to monitor throughout the fall, and the freshman this year are a force to be reckoned with. Could Grambling State come any slower? Stay posted to Golden Blogs for our coverage of Fall Camp!

    California Love. California Rising.