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Jared Goff and Griffin Piatt sit down on the Section925 podcast

The two Cal teammates discuss youth football, the NCS Championship, and the upcoming football season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, two members of the California Golden Bears’ football team, (QB Jared Goff and S Griffin Piatt) were interviewed by Section 925, which is known for covering Bay Area sports and culture.  Since both players were born and raised in the Bay Area, it seemed fitting that this website cover the Bay Area’s #1 college team lead by 3rd year quarterback Jared Goff out of Novato, CA.

You can listen to the full audio of the interview by clicking here. Here are some of the more interesting points.

Goff was eager to talk about his days in Pop Warner. In 6th grade, his San Marin Pintos reached the National Championship at Orlando, but suffered a decisive defeat.  Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that Goff liked playing at the Big Stage.  His close friend and teammate Griffin Piatt also had great memories to share in his playing days in the Mt. Diablo area.  Unlike Goff, Piatt played flag football, and was definitely happy about it.  Jared and he both agree that youth starting to play football should not play in pads until they are strong enough to take a hit.

Later in their football life, they met at the Oakland Coliseum for the 2011 NCS Championship game.  As a junior, Goff lead Marin Catholic to an undefeated season entering the championship. Piatt led his ball hawking secondary for Campolindo to a victory on a last second game winning field goal.

The two championship participants still talk about the magnitude of that game.  And both of them believe that this year, California will make noise in the Pac-12.  Goff has certainly seen his school do this, when he was a young fan of stars Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, and Desean Jackson in the glory days of California Golden Bear football.  Jared’s father, Jerry Goff played baseball at the school and was a seasoned veteran of the MLB.  From becoming a fan of the team to becoming the centerpiece of the team, Jared Goff is familiar with Cal Football.

Both Goff and Piatt spoke a little about their Week 3 road test against University of Texas.  They do not take anyone likely but both players and the most of the fans look for them to start off 2-0 going into Austin.  Overall, the Cal football team has not had many changes, which is very good news.  The good news about Cal is that their offense is supposed to be better than last season, in which they finished 6th in the nation in passing yards.

Besides losing veteran receiver Chris Harper, the Bears are mostly the same team offensively. Despite the fact that the Cal defense who has struggled mightily in the Sonny Dykes era, Piatt is confident that the defense is more experienced and now that they have had a full year under defensive coordinator Art Kaufman.

It’s safe to say that both the Bay Area boys are looking to bring noise back to Berkeley.