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Cal basketball getting upgraded: Haas Pavilion renovations begin, center video board up

A generous $10 million dollar gift from the Evelyn and Walter A Haas fund has led to some exciting improvements to Haas Pavilion. Let's take a look at the progress!

What Haas Pavilion will look like after renovation
What Haas Pavilion will look like after renovation
Cal Men's Basketball

Five Cal athletic programs are getting major renovations this coming fall. Women's volleyball, men's and women's gymnastics, and men's and women's basketball are receiving serious upgrades to their facilities. The $10 million dollar renovations focus around a massive new video board that will hang in the center of arena, finally eliminating the need to bring binoculars to every event at Haas Pavilion. Other upgrades include improving the sound system as well as the lighting and video production. When the Cal women's volleyball season starts this fall, the fans and student athletes alike will have plenty to smile about.

Let's take a deeper look at the progress to date-

Coach Martin has his hard hat on:

Take a look at the start of the center-hung LED video board:

Here are the massive steel beams used to support the video board:

Say a final goodbye to the video board that served us well for over a decade:

The corner video boards have also been removed:

There have been significant upgrades to the aesthetics of the film rooms as well as the locker rooms #TogetherWeAttack:

To help improve both overall video production and audio in the arena, there is a new production suite inside the arena:

This is the complex system used to hoist the massive new scoreboard:

And last but certainly not least, here are some images of the brand new, center-hung scoreboard:

And now it's been put up!

Overall, the 2015-16 seasons for basketball, volleyball and gymnastics should be an incredible sight to take in as the facility upgrade enhances both the fan and student athlete experience.

Go Bears!