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Cal football 2015 fall open practice schedule released

The offseason is done. Long live the offseason.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's here. From the end of this week to (fingers crossed) the end of this year, Cal football will be a fixture in our lives once again.

The fall practice schedule was released today, listing the open practices that will be available to the public. You should be able to head to Memorial Stadium the next two weeks and catch a glimpse of the Bear Raid kicking into high gear before the curtains close and the team starts practicing their regular offense and begins regular preparation for opponents on the schedule.

Note: This is not the full schedule. There are plenty of closed practices that I'm sure will not be mentioned. Note there are just over two weeks of open practice before the shades come down for the final two weeks of practice as the team turns their attention to opponent preparation. Cal will be doing a lot of two-a-day practices the next few weeks.

Friday, August 7 (3:30 pm)
Saturday, August 8 (3:30 pm)
Sunday, August 9 (3:30 pm)
Monday, August 10 (3:30 pm)
Tuesday, August 11 (3:30 pm)
Wednesday, August 12 (12:30 pm)
Friday, August 14 (3:30 pm)
Sunday, August 16 (10:15 am)
Monday, August 17 (10 am)
Tuesday, August 18 (10:15 am)
Wednesday, August 19 (10 am)
Thursday, August 20 (10:15 am)
Friday, August 21 (10 am)
Saturday, August 22 (8:30 am): Golden Bear Day (1 pm), Pigskins & Pearls (3 pm), Pac-12 Networks Training Show

CGB will likely have representation at most open practices. Who's planning on joining us? Let us know in the comments!