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What's your favorite Cal uniform in any sport?

Don't say white helmets.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

LeonPowe: Joe Roth Retro jerseys (I like these more than the originals - here's Nate Longshore). Compared to the actual jerseys Joe's team wore, the Nike versions are much sharper in their detailing . . . and obviously more modern, closer athletic cut compared to the seventies uniforms.

Also, the very first gold top/blue bottoms. Worn against debuting against Oregon in 2006, look how sharp DJax looks running away from the Oregon defense.

PerryScope: Favorite uniforms were the 2006-2009 Cal basketball blue road uniforms.  Nothing better than Jerome Randle silencing a crowd with a 30 foot jumper.

Nik Jam: During 2008-2012 with the mix-and-match era I liked the blue and gold jersey/pants combo the best with gold and blue jersey/pants second. I like seeing both colors prominently displayed.

However since the Sonny Dykes era has pretty much only been blue jersey/gold pants at home it's getting stale. It was a nice change of pace to see the all blues for the BYU game. Hopefully we finally wear gold jerseys in Memorial in 2015, preferably with blue pants.

As for other sports, I really like the current gold jerseys in M&W basketball, and the current gold jerseys in baseball and softball as well. I haven't been around long enough to chime in on older jerseys.

Avinash Kunnath: The best Cal uniforms are the traditional old road whites from earlier in the decade (I know white isn't our color but they look so fresh with the blue and gold trim), or the all-blue sets we've thrown out the past few years. I've always been a big fan of one color, one scheme, and the all-blues and all-whites just feel the most aesthetically pleasing things we put out. Feels pretty clear that we're putting out the colors that look best for either the home or the road.

Vlad Belo: My favorite Cal uniform of all time remains the football uniforms we wore during the Bruce Snyder era through the 2001 season. They were classy, elegant, and badass all at the same time.

cldpc: Favorite of all time was 2006-7 gold top on blue pants, mostly because those teams seemed to show up to play in those big games.

benwemer: I love all of our new uni's but I have to say my all time favorite jerseys we wore were the Joe Roth ones from 2003-2007. Those had a nice feel to them.