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Vince Young will wear Cal football uniform on TV if Golden Bears beat Texas

This is really important.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The bane of our existence is making fun little bets between our friends on our teams. It always ends well, unless you're in a gang, in which case you are probably risking your life changing from L.A. Raiders gear to Oakland Raiders gear.

Cal is playing Texas, so you wouldn't think there would be much shenanigans since the connections between the two is limited (aside from simmering one-sided hate from the diehards in the fanbase).

However, former Cal player Scott X. Nady recently connected with Texas great Vince Young, and the two made a bet on the Cal vs. Texas game. Ryan Gorcey has the inside scoop.

Nady -- cousin of former Cal baseball player and Major Leaguer Xavier -- has challenged Young to wear a Cal football t-shirt (complete with his name and old number 10 on the back) during television analysis, if the Bears win a Sept. 19 tilt against Young’s alma mater in Austin. If the Longhorns win, Nady has to wear a burnt orange Texas jersey or t-shirt while on TV with Young.

Nady will wear a Texas jersey if Cal loses, but honestly this is the art of negotiation; no one will really remember Nady wearing a Texas shirt, and everyone will remember Vince wearing a Cal shirt on TV! This is awesome.

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