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Jared Goff at Pac-12 Media Day deflects Heisman & NFL talk, sorts into Gryffindor

Some brief notes on what Cal's rising junior quarterback had to say at Media Day.

Again, Rob and Solomon should have a more detailed Pac-12 Media Day recap forthcoming, and we have the full Sonny Dykes press conference with notes and transcript available. For now here are some of the pertinent quotes from Cal quarterback Jared Goff. We don't have transcripts available for the players, but we'll provide at least some of the best quotes and the video soundbytes we can find.

  • Entering year 3, Goff says he's a lot more confident. Reporters mentioned his calm, composed, well-spoken manner at Media Day.
  • Goff says the Pac-12 is year after year the best conference for quarterbacks.
  • Regarding fellow Pac-12 quarterbacks and the idea of quarterback duels, "There's times I see Cody [Kessler] make a good play and I think that's a good throw. But I'm playing against their defense, not him."
  • Goff also imparted some advice to true freshman Josh Rosen, who might start just like Goff.

Cal's Jared Goff has some advice to UCLA true freshman QB Josh Rosen:

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  • Regarding some of that early Heisman, 1st round pick talk: "Flattered, appreciative of it. But not concerned about it right now."
  • The toughest defenses Goff has faced? Stanford and Washington.
  • Goff is confident that his own defense has taken big strides of its own.

Jared Goff is confident in Cal's defensive improvement. He gave me some specifics:

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  • Most importantly of all, Goff has yet to meet Cal alum Aaron Rodgers.
  • On Bay Area title success for the Giants and the Warriors: "It's an exciting time in the Bay Area. Now we want to be next."
  • Biggest quote: "We have to win. I have to win... I want to leave a legacy of winning at Cal." He wants to be a part of building that winning culture in Berkeley.
  • Goff said his favorite game he ever played in was Cal vs. Washington State last season. All of us enjoyed how it subtracted years from our lives too.
  • Regarding the Matt Cochran departure, Goff says he's taken snaps with Jordan Rigsbee and Dominic Granado.
  • Someone asked Goff if he'd rather beat Stanford or go to the Rose Bowl? "Well, to go to the Rose Bowl, we need to beat Stanford. So both. I want the Axe and roses"
  • Goff on running backs.

  • Goff on wide receivers.

Additionally, Goff took the Warner Brothers tour that took him to the Harry Potter exhibit. CGB has the exclusive on which house the Sorting Hat put him in!

Finally, additional breaking news.