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Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants hosting their own Cal nights

The Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants are having Cal night at their stadiums.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Two Bay Area MLB teams are hosting Cal night at their respected ballparks at the beginning of next month.

The A's are scheduled for a September 1st game against the Angels. The games first pitch will be at 7:05. The A's are giving away a Cal themed A's hat.  The A's feature several Berkeley alumni including manager Bob Melvin, first baseman Mark Canha, and shortstop Marcus SemienClick here for more details.

Oakland Athletics Cal night

The Giants are scheduled for a September 10th night game against the San Diego Padres. It is a 7:15 first pitch. The Giants are giving out a Cal themed Giants hat. The Giants don't have any former Bears, but the CEO of the Giants (Larry Baer) is a UC Berkley graduate, but they are playing the Padres who have 2 former standouts in Tyson Ross and Brandon Morrow (he's on the DL for the rest of the season). Click here for more details.

San Francisco Giants Cal night

Let's compare these hats! Which hat would you rather want?

So come out to the ballpark decked out in all that wonderful blue and gold and support your Bears.