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Cal wide receivers preview: Bryce Treggs, Kenny Lawler, Stephen Anderson lead elite corps

Cal's offense is going to blow our minds this year. With Goff in control and a full, never ending crop of wide receivers for him to throw to, expect defenses to be running up and down, left and right all over the field trying to catch our guys. Let's see what we're in store for with our extremely talented and experienced wideouts!

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Are you ready for Cal's electrifying offense this season?  You've heard all the hype about our superstud QB Jared Goff?  Well, all he does is throw the ball (there's more to it than just throwing, but you get my drift) -- our receivers make him look amazing with their catches, runs, and TDs.  Amassing this sheer volume of wideout talent on our roster is almost criminal for college football program.  Let's meet our starting wide receivers who will be heading-up SportsCenter highlights all season long.

SR Bryce Treggs (#1)

Is there much left to be said about this senior?  He could've turn pro and gotten drafted, but opted to come back for one last hurrah.  He must've known something is brewing with Cal football and wanted to be apart of it.  In 2014, he had 52 receptions for 543 yards, averaging 11.2 yards per catch.  He averaged 48.6 yards per game and totaled 6 TDs over the year.  While the 2013 season saw Treggs pile up bigger numbers (77 receptions, 751 total yards, 62.6 yards per game), he was a true leader last season by sharing the rock with his fellow wide receivers and always putting the team first.  On most other teams, Treggs would be da man - the #1 go-to guy for any QB.  Does anyone else embody Cal football more than Treggs?  Let's give him props for being apart of the Cal football turnaround - he's truly earned it.

SR Trevor Davis (#9)

Bay Area-bred Trevor Davis spent his first two years at Hawaii.  After sitting out a year, Davis really found a home at Cal in Dyke's offense.  His amazing speed was on full display all season long.  Last season, he had 24 receptions for a total of 399 yards.  He had 5 TDs and averaged 39.9 yards per game.  But, perhaps where he shined most was in the return game.  Davis returned 8 punts, averaging 8.8 yards each time.  His kickoff return game was nasty - he returned 13 kickoffs for 424 yards (that's 32.6 yards per return average!), and had 2 kickoff return TDs!  Remember that WSU game?!  Expect a big, big season from Davis in 2015!

SR Stephen Anderson (#89)

Stephen Anderson's second year on the field for Cal in 2013 was very productive.  In 10 games played, he had 46 receptions for 661 total yards.  He had 5 TDs and averaged 66.1 receiving yards per game.  Anderson is quickly gaining attention as a potential NFL prospect.  His size (6'3", 230 lbs) fits the bill and his blocking abilities are outstanding.  He always seems to be around and ready when Goff needs a bailout.  Like his wideout brethren, Anderson will be pining for pro scouts' attention this season.  Check out this highlight of Anderson!

JR Kenny Lawler:  Lawler was amazing last year with 54 catches and amassing 701 yards.  He had a team-high 9 TDs and averaged 63.78 yards per game. Where Davis brings the speed, Treggs the technical ability, and Anderson the reliability, Lawler combines all three. Kenny has the most raw talent and upside of any of our wide receivers, and if he chooses to leave a year early, he might be the receiver who goes highest in the draft.

The Very Long Wideout Bench

After these four guys, Cal's talent at the wide receiver position just keeps flowing.  Defenses will not be able to rest during any play this season with these guys filling-in anytime our senior-laden starting squad needs a breather:

SR Maurice Harris (#3)

With his long locks, Maurice Harris has been easily recognizable on the field for us.  He's part of that short-term North Carolina pipeline that we had towards the end of Tedford's reign (remember Keenan Allen?).  In his third season, Harris saw his production steadily rise from the previous two campaigns.  He had 25 catches for 252 yards.  He had 2 TDs and averaged 21 yards per game as the usual fourth option for Goff.  His most memorable highlight at Cal thus far is his one-handed catch against Portland State in 2013.

SR Darius Powe:  Powe had 20 receptions last season for 328 yards.  He had 1 TD and averaged 32.8 yards per game.  While he doesn't bring on the spotlight, Powe has always been a steady hand that our QBs trust.

SO Raymond Hudson:  As a freshman, this Pleasanton native had 8 catches for 124 yards.  He also got to return 2 kickoffs.  Expect Hudson to steadily gain more playing time and stats this season.  While he may have to bide his time with all of the talent ahead of him, expect Hudson to have some nice highlights for the Bears here and there over the season.

SO Jack Austin: Spent most of last year on special teams and made a few tackles, but he could crack the rotation this season as a backup outside wideout. Austin has been turning heads with his steadiness catching the ball in camp and could make for a solid end zone receiver.

SO Matt Rockett: He's going to make a fun little catch that will make people love him. The next Vinnie Strang, calling it now.

FR Carlos Strickland:  This guy is the real deal.  Hailing from Dallas (Dykes has been making good progress in his home state), Strickland was a 4-star recruit and ranked as the #20 WR in the 2015 recruiting class (by 247 Sports).  At 6'5" and 194 lbs, Strickland has the height (size will come with time in the weight room) to be our #1 guy in a year or two.  If he can learn from the studs up top this season, expect 2016 and 2017 to be really special with Strickland.

FR Brandon Singleton: Singleton is already being mentioned as being one of the fastest players on the team, so I feel pretty good that he'll contribute in some way or another if he's conditioned and ready to go. Singleton has great speed and it could be used to stretch the defense if he's ready for gametime. Singleton has already made some players early in spring practice, as has...

FR Kanawai Noa: The unexpected surprise of fall camp, the under-the-radar Hawaiian talent has impressed a lot early on. He's making good catches and will definitely be in the mix to start next year. Finding room for him this season will be tough.

FRs Austin Aaron, Greyson Bankhead:  With the sheer volume of wideout talent this season, these 3-star WRs and athletes will have to take a backseat and come into games when things are out-of-hand or in select packages (redshirting may also be an option).  How amazing is it that we can stockpile this much talent?!

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