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Cal football depth chart released: DeVante Wilson starting at DE, Damariay Drew at S

Those are the only major changes from the early fall chart.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The next version of the Cal fall depth chart has been released. We learned what the Cal starting offensive line would be yesterday, and now we have the rest of the updates.

Click here for the PDF of the depth chart. Some thoughts below.



  • Quarterback: Jared Goff, Chase Forrestt, Ross Bowers
  • Running back: Daniel Lasco, Vic Enwere, Tre Watson, Jeffrey Coprich OR Khalfani Muhammad, Lonny Powell, Fabiano Hale

Offensive line

  • Left tackle: Brian Farley, Aaron Cochran
  • Left guard: Chris Borrayo, Patrick Meeker, J.D. Hinnant
  • Center: Dominic Granado, Addison Ooms, Ryan Gibson
  • Right guard: Jordan Rigsbee, Semisi Uluave, Benji Pau, Michael Trani
  • Right tackle: Steven Moore, Kamryn Bennett OR Vincent Johnson

Wide receivers

  • X: Trevor Davis OR Maurice Harris, Kanawai Noa, Patrick Worstell, Brandon Singleton
  • Y: Stephen Anderson (Tight End), Ray Hudson (TE), Bug Rivera, Kyle Wells (TE), Austin Aaron
  • H: Bryce Treggs OR Darius Powe, Matt Rockett, Patrick Laird
  • Z: Kenny Lawler, Jack Austin OR Chad Hansen, Carlos Strickland


Defensive line

  • Defensive end: Kyle Kragen, Noah Westerfield, Todd Barr
  • Defensive tackle: James Looney, David Davis, Marcus Manley
  • Defensive tackle: Mustafa Jalil, Tony Mekari, Trevor Kelly
  • Defensive end: DeVante Wilson, Jonathan Johnson, Puka Lopa


  • SAM: Jake Kearney, Aisea Tongilava
  • MIKE: Hardy Nickerson, Ray Davison, Hamilton Anoa’i, Nathan Broussard
  • WILL: Jalen Jefferson, Michael Barton, Devante Downs


  • Cornerback: Darius White, De’Zhon Grace, Cedric Dozier, Malik Psalms
  • Boundary safety: Stefan McClure, Luke Rubenzer, Derron Brown
  • Field safety: Damariay Drew, Khari Vanderbilt, Evan Rambo
  • Cornerback: Darius Allensworth, Antoine Albert, Joel Willis, Jaylinn Hawkins
  • Nickel: Caleb Coleman, Cameron Walker, Tre Turner

Special teams

  • Placekicker & kickoff: Noah Beito, Matt Anderson, Franklyn Cervenka, Robbie McInerny
  • Punter: Cole Leninger, Dylan Klumph, Harry Adolphus
  • Long snapper: Bradley Northnagel, Grant Gluhaich
  • Holder: Cole Leninger, Jack Austin
  • Punt returner: Kanawai Noa, Trevor Davis, Bryce Treggs OR Kenny Lawler
  • Kick returner: Trevor Davis AND Khalfani Muhammad, Bryce Treggs AND Tre Watson
Nick Kranz: Our defense is certainly in better shape in terms of depth, but three new starters on the D line and a converted quarterback at backup safety speaks volumes about where the unit was last year.

Berkelium97: The chart refers to some of the inside receivers as tight ends.  Is that new?  I thought I remember that they were all WRs in past years.

Trace Travers: I think we've officially moved Stephen Anderson to TE. He lines up on the line a bit more.

  • Darius Powe potentially starting over Treggs at H receiver
  • Kanawai Noa 2nd/3rd at the X receiver... higher than Carlos Strickland
  • Lonny Powell looks like he's not that close to seeing meaningful PT
  • Who is De'Zhon Grace? Ahead of Dozier and Psalms which is... surprising to me
Sam Fielder: No Piatt at safety either...must still be in recovery mode.

Trace Travers: Kanawai Noa also seems to be #1 for punt returns. Interesting.

Ruey Yen: Not that it's the most reliable source, but in the Pac-12 Networks' preview for us, they had a special feature on Stephen Anderson and he's listed in the caption as the TE.

Avinash Kunnath

1) Anderson as TE: They might be using him as a TE sometimes as Trace said (although we can't discuss that publicly until the season starts). I think they're also doing this to try to get him on tight end award watch lists as the season progresses.

2) Piatt is recovering slowly from that ACL. Good chance Sonny redshirts him if the safeties are consistent.

3) I think the ORs are being used liberally at wide receiver. Treggs is definitely the starter. Powe will see a lot of snaps though, replacing Treggs or Anderson on the field based on situation. Ditto with Harris (who could replace Lawler or Davis on the field based on situation). 

4) Treggs is probably still going to start at punt returner but they're willing to give the other guys with better return ability a chance. Noa might be getting some experimentation as the punt returner for Grambling State.

5) The staff really, really likes Noa. Allensworth singled him out as his favorite frosh. Might not be as athletic as some of the other freshmen wideouts but he runs clean routes, makes catches in traffic, and works super hard. He's going to play this year (everyone else probably needs that year of conditioning). 

6) For those who forget, De'Zhon Grace is the transfer from Williamette who converted from wide receiver to cornerback. He had a really good spring. Dozier struggled the most at corner last year, I'm not surprised he's getting bumped down a bit. I don't think Psalms or Hawkins are physically ready to start. 

7) A lot of the freshmen are low on the depth chart but I think a few of them might get some run in the secondary if the starters do not perform well.