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Cal athletic director Mike Williams on Sonny Dykes, "We'll see how season plays out"

Can Sonny survive?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hooman Yazdanian of the Daily Cal sat down with Cal athletic director Mike Williams for a two part piece (read Part 1 here mostly focusing on academics and his new position). This part focused on general athletic issues, Cuonzo Martin and Sonny Dykes.

The Dykes parts are probably the most interesting to Cal fans. Dykes is in year three of a five year contract, and his long-term job security depends on a pretty solid Year 3. If Dykes wants an extension, he will probably have to produce at the very least a winning season. Eight wins or so is probably the baseline to ensure a potential long-term deal gets made this offseason to keep Sonny in Berkeley down the line.

Williams is excited about the season, but remains noncommittal about what Dykes's job security until how he sees his season unfolds.

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DC: You’re pretty confident then about everything with Dykes’ job security?

MW: Sonny’s doing a great job, and we’ll see how this season plays out. He’s been an extraordinary partner to me. Your question about not having the experience in athletics management, that’s something that can be really challenging for a football coach. I spent hundreds of hours with Sonny, and he never once made that an issue in our relationship. He has been nothing but a phenomenal partner to me.

What would you like to see from Sonny this season to extend his contract for the long-term at Cal?