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Cal basketball vs. Illawarra Hawks live stream & open thread

This game is streamed online!

At last, we'll get a full glimpse of Cal basketball for the first time in five months!

Stream: Our online stream should be available to watch above (if you can't watch it, click here and go to YouTube).

Time: 1 a.m. Friday Pacific time, 6 p.m. Friday Australia local time

Opponent: Illawarra Hawks. Former Cal Bears like Ayinde Ubaka and Butch Hays have played for Illawarra!

Location: IN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong, Australia

Cal basketball is wrapping up their exhibition schedule in Australia today. They visited Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and will finish with a few days in Brisbane before heading back to the states. They've beaten Victoria Select thoroughly, came back to beat Frankston, and played College of Excellence yesterday. Now they finish up their tour against Illawarra.

This will be your final glimpses of Cal basketball for the next two months until the regular season ends, so stay up with us and watch the Bears in action late tonight!