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Cal football fall camp notebook: Stefan McClure, Damariay Drew, Bryce Treggs injury updates

FULL PAD DAY!!!! But was yet an uneventful one today. Let's take a look into yesterday's morning practice!

85 Yards
85 Yards
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Rob's Notebook:

First off it was a pretty uneventful practice today. Full pads but the coaching staff kept the menu today at a very relaxed mode, giving a breather to all the guys after yesterday's 2-a-day.

The big news is that Stefan McClure says he will be a-go for the season opener against Grambling State after shedding his red jersey Tuesday. More from Jeff Faraudo.

Still no contact, but coach Sonny Dykes said he expects McClure to get some live action early next week and is confident he could be ready to play Sept. 5 in the opener against Grambling State.

No doubt about it, McClure said.

“I’ll be ready for the first game,” he said. “If we had a game this weekend, I’d be ready to go.”

McClure has practiced on and off with the Bears, and will probably start seeing live action when the Bears close practices next week.

Bryce Treggs has missed a few practices with a left foot injury, but Dykes says he should return to action in a few days.

Damariay Drew was in a red jersey on Tuesday and hasn't participated in contact activity for nearly a week.

To the Football!

  • Malik McMorris looks to have made the full switch to offense. He was one of the first people out on the field, getting a 1-on-1 session with Coach Tommerdahl.
  • Offense warmed up with very simple routes. Jared Goff took a step back today letting the other QBs do most of the reps.
  • A lot of simple walk throughs and fundamentals practice today. Footwork, positioning and use of hands emphasized at every position.
  • Maurice Harris had the highlight in the 1-on-1 drill. He had a great over the shoulder one-handed grab in the corner of the end zone. You would think that the ball was thrown by Goff, but it was a perfect throw by Chase Forrest.
  • There were a lot of special teams punts as well. Harry Adolphus is getting there in terms of consistency, but when he gets a perfect kick it is pretty amazing to watch.
  • In 3rd down practice Jared Goff also just shadowed and guided from behind the QBs. Chase Forrest and Ross Bowers ran the reps.
  • Vic Enwere ran really well, running well in either direction the play developed in.
  • Trey Turner almost had a great diving interception. Just came off his hands.
  • Perfect throw by Jared Goff to Darius Powe Jr in the back of the end zone. The pass looked like it was thrown with ease.
  • Chase Forrest started reps with the 1s in 11s.
  • Khalfani Muhammed looks very quick out of the backfield. In one possession making a guy miss before heading upfield. But DeVante Wilson was relentless in going after and brought him down for a TKL.
  • My Play of the Day: Bug Rivera catches a ball along the sidelines and stiff arms Caleb Coleman to gain some extra yards after catch.
  • Tre Watson also had a great couple of runs. First was a simple 5 yard run into the end zone. Running lane was open wide for him.
  • His second run was an 85 yard gain. Juked 2 defenders before bursting upfield. The more impressive part of the play was that Tongilava recovered to catch up to Watson and bring him down out of bounds.
  • JuJu Coprich also looks like a rejuvenated man lately. Very quick at changing directions. He had a few long runs. His best was a 35-yard TD run.
  • Lonny Powell also got some reps in and was highlighted by a simple 3 yard TD Run. Just punched it in with brute strength.
  • The day ended with Kickoff return coverage and returns.
It wasn't an eventful day today. Goff only had a few reps, Bryce Treggs took the day off with a bruise on his foot, but you can bet that the team will be out working hard tomorrow with the season opener under 3 weeks away. Check back tomorrow for more coverage of fall camp!

California Love. California Rising.