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Cal basketball recruiting: Charlie Moore will visit this September, Jordan Ford moving on?

The Bears are on the hunt for a PG and seem to have set their sights on Charlie Moore.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Cal hoops currently has a squad that is expected to help bring the Bears back into national prominence, where knocking off the number one team in the nation isn't an unthinkable upset but a regular occurrence.

However, a noticeable hole in this squad is the one left behind by First Team All-Pac-12 selection, Justin Cobbs, who currently ranks fourth in school history in career assists (just ahead of Jason Kidd) and hit the nasty fade-away in the video above.

Until just recently, one of Cal's biggest future prospects at the point guard position was Jordan Ford, who doesn't seem to consider the number one public school in the nation as a top contender anymore.

While it stings to lose the long-limbed playmaker, perhaps less is more in this case - or should I say Moore is more (I couldn't resist).

Charlie Moore of Chicago, IL seems to be a big target to fill the point position for the Bears.  At 5'11", Moore has been constantly belittled (last time, I promise) as a Division I contender.  However, after turning heads with a stellar performance at the Las Vegas Classic, Charlie has piqued a good amount of national interest and is now sitting on 13 offers, including one from Cal.

Moore is a lightning quick playmaker with crisp ball handling skills and incredible court vision to boot.  His ability to accelerate after a move and create his own shots give him a deadly array of options, and he boasts a quick and confident release from the perimeter.

While Moore himself acknowledges that there are questions regarding his height on the defensive side of the ball, the defensive game has been an area of focus as he continues to get better at the game. With his Chicago-style game, his impressive dribble control, and his diminutive height, it's hard not to compare Moore to Jerome Randle, although I'd say Moore seems to emulate more of a slashing point guard game a la Derrick Rose.

All of this combined with a generally solid frame and crafty finishing ability attacking the rim convinces me that Moore has the potential to be an explosive scoring point guard and playmaker with the Bears.

Moore has confirmed four visits and is looking to make an autumn commitment. Cal will get his visit September, with Pitt, Illinois and Memphis coming in the subsequent weeks.

California, Pitt, Illinois, and Memphis seem to have a few things in common with Moore as the Morgan Park standout has a select list in picking a school. "I want a family atmosphere where I can come in and play right away, and a great relationship with the staff."


During the Nike EYBL season, Moore’s stats were off the charts good. He had a 2.3-to-1, assist-to-turnover ratio, averaged over 15 points per game while making close to 40% of his 3-point attempts, and was a thief in coming up with nearly two steals per game.