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Cal football: Tony Franklin believes Jared Goff 9:1 TD to INT ratio means national title

Coach Franklin has BIG expectations for the upcoming season.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Cal football's top offensive mind and Berkeley enthusiast, Tony Franklin, is making some bold predictions about Cal this fall. One of those predictions involves a championship ring.

Tony Franklin sat down with Leigh Steinberg for an interview regarding the upcoming season at Cal. The Bear Raid is coming up on it's third anniversary and Tony is bullish on Cal's upcoming season as well as replicating the same production the Air Raid saw in year three at Louisiana Tech.

A few of the highlights from the interview detail Tony's enthusiasm for Daniel Lasco, stating that he has the potential to be a top five running back in the country. He also touched on Stephen Anderson mentioning he feels they have the best tight end in the nation.

Finally, Tony talks in depth about Jared Goff's ability at quarterback. He states that Jared has won throughout his career and the last thing left is to win a championship. He particularly draws attention to Jared's touchdown to interception ratio as the key towards Cal's success this season. He goes on to say that if Goff can keep his ratio at 9:1, Cal will win a national championship.

You can find the full length interview below, it starts around the nine minute mark:

What do you think Cal fans? If Jared puts up a 9:1 TD/INT ratio, do the Bears wear rings in 2016?