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Cal football fall practice: Bears will practice in heat inland to prep for Texas humidity

No heat ambushing these guys.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Practice wasn't open on Saturday, but Sonny Dykes did manage to talk to the media and give us a few updates.

The most interesting thing that came up was Cal's preparation for the eventual Texas game.  Cal will be heading through the Caldecott Tunnel and inland to practice in the heat for the Sunday night and Monday morning practices along with Wednesday next week. Cal will have open Sunday morning practice and open Monday afternoon practice at Memorial Stadium, so that schedule should remain unchanged. It's been hot at Cal (around the high 80s), but you know the weather is only hotter the further you escape the Bay Area.

Humidity in Texas (around 70-75%) won't be as bad as Maryland humidity (80-90%) was in 2008 (where temperatures were near a muggy 100 and left Cal groggy for a full half of football), but it's still formidable. Good to see Sonny prep in advance for the heat, even though nothing in California will really prep these players for the mugginess they might encounter in Austin on a mid-September night.

NOTE: I have no idea where the practice will be and it won't be open to the public. All these practices will be closed to the media as far as I know, but temperatures in Walnut Creek will be around 100, so I imagine they won't have to travel too far in the East Bay to find the weather they want to practice in.

A few other updates:

  • Malik McMorris now seems focused on offense as a blocking fullback. We'll see if he plays a little bit of the BONE role this season.
  • Daniel Lasco is being brought back slowly from his back strain.
  • Jared Goff was his usual perfect self, doubling the amount of touchdowns he threw (four) to his incompletions (two).