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Cal football fall camp notebook: Brian Farley, Dominic Granado winning offensive line battles

It was Full Pad Day! So we expect a lot of full scrimmage and hard hits. To The Football!

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Rob's Practice Notebook

The biggest news comes from the offensive line front, where Sonny Dykes names some leaders at right guard and right tackle, but there's a long way to go. Jeff Faraudo has more.

Senior Brian Farley has the lead in the battle for the right tackle position, but he’s got a couple teammates in hot pursuit.

"He’s been good. The thing is Aaron Cochran has really been playing at a high level. Aaron and Vinnie (Johnson) are going to compete for some playing time," Dykes said.

Junior Dominic Granado has the edge so far at right guard, but freshman Semisi Uluave, at 6-5, 345 pounds, continues to be intriguing.

But we are a long way away from having actual starters at the position. Sonny does not project a starting five being revealed until the actual season opener against Grambling State. These battles will continue all camp until Dykes is assured he has a five he's confident in.

Onto the practice highlights!

  • FULL PAD DAY!! Time for live tackling and full contact!
  • The day started with O-Line and D-Line doing 1-on-1s and the rest of the offense running simple routes.
  • Damariay Drew resting today. Did not suit up but was on sideline wearing street clothes.
  • Jalen Jefferson clearly looks healthy and raring to go
  • No one out of play due to injury. Every player got at least a few reps in today.
  • The O-Line goes crazy after one matchup. Apparently was a Mekari Brothers match up and Patrick won.(H/T Ryan Gorcey)
  • Offense did walk throughs of their pass sets and run sets. GAs and Assistant Coaches were very hands on with the players pushing them off their lines and routes.
        • Jaylinn Hawkins with a pick off his hands. Played great coverage.
        • Joel Willis got some reps in. Highlight for him was swatting a pass down while diving in front of Carlos Strickland.
  • The team then split between run game and pass game.
  • Pass game ran goal line 1-on-1s. Highlight: Jared Goff to Bryce Treggs back corner of the end zone TD. Not a big surprise.
  • Special Teams time. Cole Leininger is probably the only sure fire part of the kicking aspect of the team.
  • QBs practice running though GAs and Assistant Coaches protecting the ball. Practicing ball security on evasions and scrambles.
  • Team worked on kick-off and punt coverage and protection. Highlight: Patrick Laird trucks Khari Vanderbilt.
  • Moved on to 3rd Down Drill.
        • TD for Kanawai Noa with a great catch on the sidelines and run into the end zone. Thrown by Chase Forrest.
        • Bowers with a great throw to Hansen. Comes down with the ball over his shoulder with 3 defenders around him. Then side steps the safety coming over to help. The entire Offense side of the field goes insane. Defensive side hearing an earful from coaching staff.
  • Both lines working together. Rest of team playing against each other.
        • Chad Hansen with another great grab. this time jumping over Malik Psalms.
        • Kyle Kragen almost has the sack, just couldn't quite get there in time. Looks like he's fully recovered, regained his burst.
        • Darius Powe stiff armed Luke Rubenzer. Thats something none of us were expecting to say.
        • Caleb Coleman with a tackle of Khalfani Muhammed in the backfield. He's been playing with the 1s as the Nickel. Caleb definitely has had a great Fall Camp so far.
        • Matt Rockett has a great spin move right after catch.
        • Luke Rubenzer reads the run play perfectly and tackles Vic Enwere at the line of scrimmage.
        • Jared throws a ball into the flat but Noah Westerfield reads it perfectly and jumps up to grab it. He just can't hold on and drops the ball.
        • Juju Coprich shakes a defender badly. Defender actually hits the turf and Juju goes upfield for a 15/20 yard gain.
        • Brandon Singleton with a great 30 yard catch. Perfectly thrown by Chase Forrest. That wasn't his only good catch. Singleton had a few great catches.
  • Punt team is on the field to practice punt blocking and coverage and also returning.
  • QBs move to the trashcan drill. Jared teaching the guys the mechanics of the touch throw. He took Maaghul aside to teach him 1-on-1. He truly likes being the older brother type to these guys.

No scuffle today. But the team looked excited to be out there in full pads, and ready to get some actual hits in. The excitement continues to build around and for this team. September 5th cannot come fast enough. Next practice  is tomorrow at 2:30PM. Stay tuned to Golden Blogs for more coverage on the Bears preparation for the 2015 season!

California Love. California Rising.