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Cal football fall camp notebook: Kanawai Noa turning heads, Darius White secure at CB

Week #2 of Fall Camp begins. Let's take a look and see if anything interesting of note happened!

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Rob's Practice Notebook:

  • Full Pad Day Tomorrow! Only shells and shorts today.
  • With the season coming up fast, Cal Media has told us to refrain from writing up a play-by-play of the practice. With that said, we will continue to provide specifics and key plays throughout the practice, just not a full blown play-by-play.
  • Once again practice started with the defense out at Maxwell and the offense on Kabam Field.
  • After 4 consecutive days of hard route running and throwing, the WRs looked little tired so the team started with simple and short to intermediate routes.
  • For all positions a lot of focus on teaching the fundamentals: good stance, first step, explosion.
  • A large portion of today the RBs and O-line were working and cleaning up the run game, specifically run sets, holes and downfield blocking.
  • 1s for O-line: Moore/Borrayo/Rigsbee/Granado/Farley
  • 2s for O-line: Cochran/Bennett/Ooms/Uluave/Johnson
  • 3s for O-line: Bazakas/Hinnant/Trani/Gibson/Mekari
  • A few key plays from Passing Game drill: 
        • Caleb Coleman with a great PBU for a pass intended for Treggs.
        • Kenny Lawler shakes Jaylinn Hawkins on a double move, creates yards of space.
        • Ray Hudson is becoming a force, getting great separation from Derron Brown for an easy TD Pass.
  • The Passing Game then moved onto a 1-on-1 Goal Line coverage drill. Jared Goff at QB.
  • Jaylinn Hawkins played great in this drill. 2 PBUs on 2 Attempts.
  • Harry Adolphus is becoming a pretty good punter.
  • Cole Leininger is still the starter.
  • The team moved on to special teams drills. Focus was on protection formation and also blocking the kick.
  • It was then into 3rd down drills
  • 1s on Defense: Wilson/Davis/Looney/Kragen, Kearney/Barton, Coleman/White/Allensworth, Rubenzer/Drew
  • 2s on Defense: J.Johnson/Mekari/Manley/Westerfield, Anoa'i/Downs, Grace/Walker/Albert, Brown/Vanderbilt
  • 3s on Defense: Lopa/Bequette/Palmer/Barr, Davison/Tongilava, Psalms/Dozier/McCrary, Turner/Rambo
  • Stefan McClure, Nathan Broussard, Joel Willis all rotated in for a few snaps as well. They were moving pretty fluidly as well.
  • Moving from 3rd down drills, both lines went to work on 1-on-1s in the south end zone and the entire passing game with LBs/DBs/RBs/WRs/QBs went through some passing and coverage drills together.
    • Kanawai Noa starts with a great catch on a corner route for a TD.
    • Antoine Albert with a PBU on a pass intended for Lawler.
    • Ross Bowers had a great bullet pass thrown to Patrick Worstell on a post route.
    • Malik Psalms, Bill McCrary and Evan Rambo playing together was one of the most interesting groups to watch on defense.
    • Austin Aaron uses his height to grab a great TD in the back of the end zone. He looks very comfortable with his height and using to his advantage.
  • To end the day, the team wrapped up with full contact drives end zone to end zone, but without tackling.
        • Maurice Harris stops on a go route, losing Antoine Albert, for a great catch, and easy TD.
        • Trevor Davis uses his speed to blow by Grace, Grace tries to stay with him, but Davis still makes the 50 yard catch.
        • Ray Hudson and Damariay Drew make contact again. Catch hauled in by Hudson. Drew's momentum just carried him into a hit on Hudson.
        • Bryce Treggs on a corner route could not catch a touch pass from Jared Goff. James Looney proceeds to laugh loudly in Jared's face.
        • Sonny Dykes was also very hands on the outside WRs. One point was screaming at Brandon Singleton because he had used his hands to push of Malik Psalms.
        • Chase Forrest showed his pocket presence and ability to run a few times. Feeling the pocket collapse, he would step up survey the defense and then take off for a nice gain. Two of the runs would have been a TD.
        • Jeffery Coprich with a TD run on a handoff
        • Ross Bowers threw a ball into space thinking he had a WR there, but no one was there except 4 defenders. None of the DBs were able to come up with that INT.
        • Bowers then responded on the same drive with a great touch throw over the inside shoulder of Fabiano Hale. Hale with great focus to haul in the pass as well.
        • Play of the Day: Kanawai Noa with a one-handed grab at the back of the end zone. Writers thought he might have been out but the Coaching staff gives him the TD.
        • James Looney recovered from entering the backfield on a screen pass to make the tackle 5 yards upfield. Amazing recovery speed and awareness.
        • Justin Norbeck loses a fumble caused by Khari Vanderbilt. Fumble was recovered by Jonathan Johnson.
  • That wrapped up practice on a overcast monday afternoon in memorial.
  • 3 Add-ons from practice
        • A Kansas City Cheifs scout was on hand to watch practice today
        • Scuffle of the Day: Granado and Wilson
        • No interceptions today. After 3 days of atleast one interception. (Evan Rambo had one each of the last 3 days.)
  • We will be back out at Memorial Stadium tomorrow to watch a day of full pads. So stay tuned to Golden Blogs coverage of the Golden Bears 2015 Fall Camp.

    California Love. California Rising.