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California Golden Blogs Hall of Fame - Bob Calonico

Bob Calonico, director of the University of California Marching Band, has been an integral part of the Cal Athletics experience. He is honored for that contribution, and many other contributions, with an induction into the California Golden Blogs Hall of Fame.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Calonico

Cal football really wouldn't be Cal football, without this:

Calonico served as Student Director of the California Marching Band in 1976, and has been devoted to the Band and to music in general ever since then. Whether you were in the Band, or were just a fan of Cal Football, the pregame and halftime shows have been a common thread for multiple seasons and even generations. Very few universities, especially in the Bay Area, can lay claim to that sort of shared heritage.

Calonico's love for music extends beyond just a professional venture; his music is active in the charities and benefits scene as well.