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Golden Nuggets: Ivan Rabb's First Week On Campus

The Golden Bears' new big man arrives on campus, Alex Morgan arrives in NYC for a parade, and could Tyson Ross be arriving in Chicago?

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National Football League

The once glacial tension between Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre is thawing more and more.

During an interview with ESPN Wisconsin, Favre said that despite the perceptions, there was no problem between him and the current occupant of his old chair.

"Was there animosity toward Aaron Rodgers [in the summer of 2008]? No, there wasn't," Favre said. "I like Aaron. Aaron and I get along fine. I knew at some point he had to play. I knew he had tremendous potential. All those things have come true, and I don't feel like, ‘Well, what about me?'

"Again, my body of work speaks for itself. I'm a different player than he is. He's a tremendous player and a great leader, and he's doing exactly what I thought he'd do. When people try to create a wedge either with me and a player or me and the organization, there isn't one. Life goes on, I understand that, and I'm OK with that. But again, what I did speaks for itself."

Of course, there was certainly tension, as Favre was on his way out and Rodgers was on his way up. But Rodgers helped smooth things over, which sparked their onstage meeting at the February 2013 NFL Honors.

"As much as on-stage at the NFL Honors I think that was important for fans and the team to publicly see us coming together, I think time is the ultimate catalyst for things coming back together," Rodgers said earlier this offseason. "Sometimes it just takes some time for people to move on and move past things. I was happy to be a part of that. It was fun for me to see Brett and do that little bit on stage with him.

Women's World Cup

Major League Baseball

Tyson Ross, who has been improving under the radar, might be a target for the Chicago Cubs pennant chase as the trade deadline nears.

Track and Field

Lon Spurrier, a member of the Cal Athletic Hall of Fame who ran for legendary coach Brutus Hamilton and competed in the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, died last month. He was 83.

Men's Basketball