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Cal football recruiting big board: Breaking down offensive prospects

With Cal's recruiting class already possessing 16 recruits, we are going to look at potential recruits who could fill the rest of the class. This time we are going to look at receivers and running backs who could find themselves wearing blue and gold next year.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

So far, the only complaint about Cal's recruiting class is the lack of 4-star talent. Luckily, Cal is in the running for some big-named recruits. Here are some players who have a good shot of suiting up for Cal in 2016:

Lil'Jordan Humphrey: RB, Southlake (Tx.)

Overview: Humphrey is a running back out of Southlake, Texas. For those who are wondering why we haven't brought in any Texas recruits, you might be in for a treat, as Sonny has once again tapped into his Texas pipeline to potentially bring in another 4-star (Scout) recruit. Cal's main competition for Humphrey is Colorado and Duke, although Wisconsin is attempting to join the fray with a recent offer.

Significance: Sonny struggled to get in-state recruits during the 2015 recruiting campaign, yet he was still able to put together his best class as a Cal head coach. While Cal should focus its efforts on in-state recruits, being able to tap into Texas for talent could prove essential for success down the road.. Current running back Daniel Lasco turned out to be a stud, and Carlos Strickland and Billy McCrary will have a bright future with Cal. Sonny's dad Spike Dykes was a legend in Texas, and Sonny should keep using his household name to attract high-end talent to Cal.

Fit: Humphrey is a large back at 6' 4" 200 lbs, and could look to fill the role that Vic Enwere has adopted this season as a power back that runs through people. Humphrey could also look to become a threat as either a passing back or as a wide receiver, as his size and speed allow him to be versatile. Humphrey would fit well in the Bear Raid and could play whatever position that is needed to provide much-needed depth.

Damian Alloway: All purpose back, Fontana (Ca.)

Overview: If you have been following Cal recruiting all year, you know that Alloway nearly committed to Cal back in March, but decided to postpone his decision at the last minute. Since then, Alloway has added offers from the likes of Arizona State and Notre Dame. For those who are worried, Alloway is still fond of Cal, who is still one of the favorites to land him. The main competition for Alloway is Notre Dame and UCLA.

Significance: Alloway is one of the crown jewels of this recruiting class, as he possesses electrifying speed that cannot be found anywhere else in the class of 2016. Alloway could be a game changer on offense, and landing him could help us solidify the rest of our recruiting class. Landing Alloway would also mean that we snagged a highly touted recruit from under UCLA, and could help us in an effort to get recruits from SoCal, which is filled with amazing talent.

Fit: Alloway is an extremely athletic and elusive all-purpose back who could fit very well into the Bear Raid offense. Alloway could thrive on plays that let him get out into open space, as he is only 5' 9" and 170 lbs, which makes him hard to bring down. Alloway told Bleacher Report back in March that nobody can keep up with him speed wise. Cal could use some more athletes in their spread offense.

Dekaylin Metcalf: Wide receiver, Oxford (Ms.)

Overview: Metcalf figures to be a future pro prospect, as he is a consensus top 100 recruit and top 10 wide receiver. Metcalf is currently listed as an Ole Miss commit (He is from Oxford and committed as a Freshman), however his recruitment is open. Metcalf is also extremely fond of Cal and seems to have a similar narrative as Jaylen Brown, as he feels that no matter where he goes he can make it to the the NFL. Cal is going to have to battle a ton of bluebloods for Metcalf, as Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, and Notre Dame are all actively pursuing Metcalf. This one will be tough for Cal, but as basketball has taught us: Why not Cal?

Significance: If Cal could get Metcalf to come to Berkeley, it would show that they are truly ready to compete on a national level for top recruits. Metcalf is being pursued by virtually all of the major SEC schools, and it would take a Jaylen Brown type miracle for us to land him. (It happened once, why not again?) Getting Metcalf would be the biggest recruiting coup in Dykes' tenure, and watching him pair with Strickland in the dynamic Bear Raid Offense would be something that we would remember for the ages.

Fit: The one thing the Bear Raid can't get enough of are elite wide receivers. Metcalf has great size at 6' 3", and could fit in as another dominant receiver in the Bear Raid. While Metcalf does not have exceptional speed, clocking in at a 4.6 40, he does have good speed for his size. Metcalf could replace Kenny Lawler as a large possession receiver, as he has the necessary ball skills to be a persistent red zone threat. Metcalf is also a threat to break one every time he catches the ball, as he breaks tackles and is good in open space. Metcalf can elevate and is a deep ball threat. Finally, Metcalf has no issue with downfield blocking, which is a critical part of the Bear Raid.