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Cal vs. Baylor in Australia in 2016 is not happening

So much for your crazy scheduling rumor of the summer.

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

There were rumblings of a proposed 2016 matchup between the Baylor Bears and the California Golden Bears that would take place in Melbourne, Australia, but it appears to be off. Brett McMurphy of ESPN broke the news.

It was going to be really difficult for this game to happen. Cal already has set their 2016 schedule in stone, and it's not an easy one: They already have to host one Big 12 team in Texas, play the gauntlet of difficult Pac-12 teams (Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Arizona State, Utah, Washington), and probably couldn't find a  good way to add a 13th game without it seriously impacting the chances of the Bears to compete this season.

Also, it's very likely Cal will be breaking in a new quarterback, and I doubt Sonny Dykes wants what could be a critical year in his time as Cal head coach to start with what figures to be an exhausting 4000 mile trip down under to meet a well-oiled Baylor machine that's been in competition for the national title the past few seasons.

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