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What are your big 2015 Pac-12 football predictions?

On the eve of Pac-12 Media Day, let's take a look at everything in the conference.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Provide us with your early bold Pac-12 prediction and give us your reason (i.e. a contender will flop, a cellar dweller will rise, etc.)

Avinash Kunnath: Washington and Oregon State are going to be the worst teams in the Pac-12. The Huskies lost practically all the talent from a historically talented defense that could only take them to 8-6 last year, and now they are going to be vulnerable on both sides of the ball with only a smidgen of relief coming their way. I see a 3 or 4 win team.

But Oregon State is the team in danger of bottoming out. The Beavers lost nearly their entire defense plus Sean Mannion. I don't see a very good football team here this season unless Gary Andersen can make miracles happen in one year.

Cal losing to either of these teams this year with their offense will be really embarrassing.

Nick Kranz: The Pac-12 South will win at least 2/3 of their games against the Pac-12 North

Last year, the Pac-12 South was the better, deeper division, even if they couldn't beat Championship game participant Oregon in the Pac-12 title game. That depth of quality lead to a combined 15-9 record against the North (and a combined 14-6 record against teams not named Oregon). But with Oregon, Stanford, Oregon State and Washington all likely to be worse than what they showed in 2014, the South has the chance to be even more dominant. I was almost tempted to say that the South would win 75% of their games against the North, but that was a bold bridge too far, since Oregon could ruin that prediction almost by themselves.

I'm on board Avi's bold prediction, and thus wouldn't be surprised if UW and OSU both throw up goose eggs against the South, although the Beavers might sneak a home win over Colorado. Meanwhile, teams like Cal, Stanford and Washington State would all do well to win half of their games against a very tough slate of South opponents. And Oregon loses a slew of starters on both sides of the ball and will be as vulnerable as they have been in years.

boomtho: The Pac-12 South will produce the Pac-12 champion and presumable Rose Bowl representative. The last time it happened (per Wiki, watch me be wrong) was 2008. I think that changes this year. Between ASU, USC, and UCLA... I believe one of those teams can take the final step and become Pac-12 champion. Oregon is @ASU and @Furd (boooo) and could drop one of those games.

Nik Jam: For the Pac-12, Oregon finally has a "down" year but still wins the Pac-12 North.

I do not see anyone in the Pac-12 North being a national power this year. Oregon can still win the Pac-12 but I see them winning the North with at least 2 losses. Cal, Stanford and Washington will make a push but will ultimately settle for 5-6 conference wins.

The South will be like last year, having five great teams and an okay Colorado team that will still have trouble finding wins against better competition. Whoever wins the South will win the Pac-12 CG.

On a related note: Bonus prediction, that Cal/ASU Season finale will be VERY BIG. It probably won't go the way of Cal though, and could be what sends ASU to the CG. Luckily Cal will have found their six wins by then though.

Leland Wong: Wazzou will be much better than last year and make it to a bowl game.

I think few of us doubt the offensive potency of Mike Leach. Quarterback Luke Falk impressed last season and the Air Raid might just be a little stronger as it seeks to add diversity and balance with a run game, which has been missing in the Palouse for so long that the Cougars probably need a treasure map to find it. I think the biggest reason for a WSU resurgence will be their defense as their new defensive coordinator has a background in coaching the secondary, which was a major cause for Cougin' it last year. So basically I'm calling for the turnaround of a team that has a ridiculously potent offense and a maligned defense in need of improvement because I'm just secretly hoping for a Cal turnaround and incapable of writing about anything not related to Cal.

Trace Travers: Utah will win the Pac-12 South and possibly the conference.

I think that Utah has a lot of continuity going forward, and that makes them a prime contender. They have a defense very similar to Pat Narduzzi's Michigan State teams (he's at Pitt now). Their system sets up a good pass rush, with them recruiting big defensive linemen who can take up multiple blockers. They also return RB Devontae Booker, QB Travis Wilson, and Bednarik Award candidate Jared Norris. I think they could pull off an upset in the Pac-12 title game if Oregon has a down year.