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Cal MBB Recruiting Scouting Report: Jordan Ford

The Bears definitely need a point guard to take over after Tyrone Wallace graduates. Here is Folsom PG Jordan Ford.

Who's next?
Who's next?
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Point Guard seems to be the position of need in the near future for the Bears. Coach Cuonzo has not let up on the recruiting trail and is looking to strengthen that position. Here is a scouting report on Folsom and Oakland Soldier PG Jordan Ford.

Here is your basic information:

Name: Jordan Ford

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 lbs

High School: Folsom (Folsom, California)

AAU: Oakland Soldiers

Considering: Cal, Gonzaga, USC, San Diego State, Pepperdine

Jordan Ford is not a highly touted recruit but he brings stability and leadership qualities to a position of need in the future. Let's take a closer look at his strengths and weaknesses.


  • Shooting Ability - Jordan has the ability to light it up from behind the arc. And as a point guard he uses his range to be able to create for himself and guys around him (Kind of sounds like another point guard in the bay area). One aspect of his shooting that is very surprising is his ability to change his release timing. This may seem unorthodox, but he changes his release speed depending on how quickly the defense is closing on him and the given circumstances around him. Jordan will have to adapt to a faster college game, but he will still be a great outside shooting threat against any team.
  • Deceptive Quickness - Jordan Ford also has deceptive quickness. He will neither be the fastest player nor the most agile on the court, but he does use his change of speed extremely well. Along with this ability he is very adept at making compact dribble movements. None of his movements are wasted. Spin moves, hesitations, cross overs are all very compact in order to minimize the amount of distance the ball has to move, yet maximizes his distance to the basket. Jordan uses this to be able to get into the paint to finish with either a lay-up or a consistent floater.

  • Strength - Jordan has the ability to finish at the rim consistently, but his body does need more development to be able to absorb more contact on contested shots. He has enough bounce to get to the rim, but he will need strength to finish through the contact of bigger and stronger front court players in college. Some more upper body strength could also help him develop a more diverse offensive game which could include a pick-and-pop game and playing off ball with his shooting ability.
  • Passing Ability - Jordan can easily create for himself and for others, but he does need take a few more creative passes. Jordan is fundamentally sound and will be able to develop this area of his game. At the college level, some of his pre-determined passes will be easily tipped and stolen. He needs to develop a broader vision of the team and offense as a whole.

There is still a long way to go before any decision on his part his made, but Jordan seems to be a great under-the-radar pick at point guard who would bring consistency for a few years. He does have the look of being a 3-year starter for the Bears. Being close to home might be a plus, but its great to see Coach Martin and the staff trying to reel in Northern California prospects and making inroads into big time AAU teams like the Oakland Soldiers (which by the way one of our BIG incoming freshman played for). Hopefully, Jordan decides to join us and the new look Golden Bears. Because. Why Not Cal?

California Love. California Rising.