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Cal football future schedule: Baylor in Australia in 2016 still alive, NCAA waiver needed

Round 2!

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Hey this is still a thing. It was happening, it wasn't happening, now it might be happening. It's Sydney instead of Melbourne now, but we still might have a shot at a down under trip!

As has been discussed multiple times, there are a lot of complicated logistics that would be involved in a Cal vs. Baylor matchup down under.

  • The game would almost certainly have to be added to the schedule as a 13th game rather than either team subtracting one of their games from next season. The good news is that Cal and Baylor would probably still only need the customary six wins to earn bowl eligibility (similar to how UCLA qualified as a 6-7 team a few years back for a bowl game).
  • The game would probably have to be scheduled at least two weeks before the start of the actual regular season the first week of September so that players can readjust to the time zone changes. This would potentially necessitate an earlier start to summer coursework in order to fit in time for extra fall practice.
  • Cal already has a really intense 2016 schedule that includes another Big 12 matchup with Texas. The Golden Bears would almost certainly have the most difficult schedule in the country. This would almost certainly be Baylor's toughest non-conference game by a wide margin: Northwestern State, SMU, and Rice are the other three early September contests they have to worry about.
  • The only real reason for Cal to play this game is extra TV revenue a potential national telecast would bring. It's pretty cool for fans and pretty bizarre for players.

Stay tuned on this one. What are your thoughts on a Cal-Baylor matchup in Australia?