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2015 Pac-12 Football: A USC Q & A

Whose legacy will triumph, USC's or Seven-Win-Sark's? For an insider's perspective into this year's edition of football at the University of Southern California, we turn to JulianLopez of Conquest Chronicles, SB Nation's USC community.

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1) What is the most important position of worry for you, and why is it quarterback?

The obvious answer would be tight end especially after the departure of Bryce Dixon but I am going to say running back. I expected Buck Allen to go to the NFL and I think it was the right decision but it left a huge hole for the Trojans. Allen had over 2,200 rushing yards and 25 touchdowns in the last two years. Tre Madden coming back is going to give a huge boost to the tailback situation and he and Justin Davis will most likely be the top two backs this season. Watch out for Ronald Jones also: He was one of the best running backs in the 2015 recruiting class.

2) Which player should Cal fans worry about who will torture our souls next season?

Last year when these two teams met on November 13th, Nelson Agholor torched the Bears defensive for 216 receiving yards so I am going to say that Cal fans need to worry that JuJu Smith will have a big game this year. Smith had a great freshman season in 2014 and could be a first-team All-Pac-12 in 2015.

3) Tell us about your coach and why you dislike him.

Sarkisian has done a great job recruiting but in 2014, the team struggled to put away teams. The Trojans should have beaten ASU and Utah and almost lost in the Holiday Bowl. Expectations are high in Los Angeles heading into the season and another season without a big bowl/ conference championship will create huge doubts about Sarkisian.

4) How do your fans view Cal this season, and why do you love us so much?

The gap is closing between Cal and USC but USC fans expect a victory over Cal this year. But watch out for Jared Goff. These teams will meet on Halloween probably at night this year so anything can happen.

5) What were your biggest questions heading into spring practice? Were they addressed during the spring?

The biggest questions for me heading into spring practice were the tight end and backup quarterback situations. The backup quarterback situation was addressed for me as Max Browne looked great while the tight end position is still up in the air.

6) What are your biggest needs for improvement after the spring?

Improved run game but that will come once Tre Madden and Ronald Jones enter the picture during fall camp.

7) Post-spring analysis: Your team is going to be a Contender, Pretender, or Middle of the Pac?

Contender. First in the Pac-12 South.

8) Who do you want to punch in the face?

The BCS Committee.... Even though they aren't around.