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2015 Pac-12 Football: An OSU Q & A

Who is this new coach OSU speaks of? For an insider's perspective into this year's edition of football at Oregon State University, we turn to AndyPanda of Building the Dam, SB Nation's OSU community.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

1) What is the most important position of worry for you, and why is it quarterback?

Because this is the conference of quarterbacks and no one enrolled at Oregon St. has ever taken a snap in a college game.

2) Which player should Cal fans worry about who will torture our souls next season?

Probably WR Victor Bolden. Pass defense has been a challenge for the Bears of late to say the least, and Bolden is likely to run all around in the Cal secondary.

3) Tell us about your coach and why you dislike him.

Our new coach Gary Andersen hasn't lost a game yet, so we have no reason to dislike him, at least yet! And based on early indications from this spring, his wide open, up-tempo style of ball will be entertaining even if it doesn't win a lot of games.

4) How do your fans view Cal this season, and why do you love us so much?

When Jared Goff gained some experience last year, he became a much more accurate quarterback, not surprisingly, and started winning games, also not surprising, given the number of good receivers he has to work with. Another year of experience probably means another step up in passing productivity, and coupled with an Oregon St. secondary that has only 1 returning starter, Larry Scott, and only a couple of other players with much experience, the Bears just might score a lot of points with their passing game.

5) What were your biggest questions heading into spring practice? Were they addressed during the spring?

The biggest question was who would be quarterback, and Seth Collins pretty well established himself as the starter. Beyond that, with almost the entire defense graduating, the larger questions were all on that side of the line of scrimmage.
Cyril Nolan-Lewis at safety and Dwayne Williams at the other corner opposite Scott were both very positive developments, and especially in Williams, an unexpected one.
While there is some young talent at linebacker, the switch to a 3-4 defense and the graduation of all the starting linebackers from last year means there is a need for a lot of talent in this position group. The jury is still out on this one.

6) What are your biggest needs for improvement after the spring?

As noted, the linebackers are inexperienced and taking on more responsibility as a group than ever. There will need to be a lot of growing here.

7) Post-spring analysis: Your team is going to be a Contender, Pretender, or Middle of the Pac?

Middle of the pack would probably be regarded as a good year in this conference with a new system, a new quarterback, and an almost all new defense. But if the raw talent continues to come together as it did in the spring, getting into the middle of the Pac, or at least the Pac-12 North, is a reasonable expectation.

8) Who do you want to punch in the face?

What is this fascination Cal, or at least CGB, has with punching people in the face?