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Manchester United vs. San Jose Earthquakes won't be played in UC Berkeley


Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The matchup between the famous English Premier League team and the San Jose Earthquakes is moving away from UC Berkeley to a site more compatible with Manchester United's travel schedule. Berkeleyside has more.

The July 21 Manchester United vs. San Jose Earthquakes game will be played at Avaya Stadium in San Jose rather than Cal Memorial Stadium, according to Wesley Mallette, Associate AD, Strategic Communications for Cal Athletics. Mallette confirmed UC Berkeley was informed today about the decision, made by Relevent Sports, organizers of the tournament. “We were informed that the change in venue was made in order to better meet Manchester United’s travel and logistical requirements,” he said in a statement Monday night. People who bought tickets to the original game will be issued a full refund and should expect their refund within 5-7 days, Mallette said, adding that specific details about refunds will be issued Tuesday. “We have been informed by the promoter that those who purchased tickets for the match in Berkeley will be eligible for a special pre-sale opportunity to purchase seats before they go on sale to the general public.”

This is so silly. I can't believe that Manchester United is making a big deal about travel time in the Bay Area, but here we go. A potential awesome exhibition in Memorial Stadium (and revenue-making opportunity for Cal Athletics) has been snatched away because of logistical travel or some nonsensical rubbish. Something about a 100 mile round trip to their base in the South Bay, where they are slated to play Barcelona later on in the International Champions Cup.

Look Flying Dutchman, I know England is a much smaller country and you can take your lorries wherever you want to go, but Berkeley is a grand one hour of travel time away from Santa Clara. You're not exactly lugging up the flight jet to have to find your way down to Santa Clara.

Oh well. Maybe next year we can get back on the International Champions Cup circuit (UC Berkeley hosted last year's Real Madrid vs. Inter Milan matchup, which was extremely well-attended).