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Cal football fans, which Pac-12 team do you like playing the least?

There are several good candidates.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Outside of our traditional California rivals, which Pac-12 team do you enjoy playing the least and would be happiest to sacrifice for an extra non-conference game?

Avinash Kunnath: Oregon State. Because those Beavers are pretty much just vipers almost everytime we face them. I don't enjoy playing them regularly. There is little upside in beating them and we seem to always end up getting beaten by them on way too many occasions. It's just a very annoying game that we have to play every year that rarely goes well for us.

Washington State isn't a game I'd miss a lot, but we seem to beat them a lot, so I don't mind keeping that game when every other team in the Pac-12 just seems to do a pretty good job of playing our game.

ragnarok: Would I miss playing Washington State every year? Would I even notice they weren't on the schedule? Probably not. There's no upside to playing the Cougars (other than a usually winnable game), and I'm certainly not planning on ever making another roadtrip back to Pullman.

boomtho: OSU or WSU, with Utah 3rd. I just don't get as excited about those games.

Sam Fielder: Other than Oregon, Washington, and Arizona, I'd give up any of them. None of the State's get me all that excited, but if forced to choose, I'd drop the newest additions, Colorado and Utah. Likely Utah would be my first choice just because they aren't usually an interesting team but they're good enough to beat you, so you get little credit for beating them, but there's a good chance for a loss too. So drop Utah for me.