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Noah Dickerson picks Washington over Cal; is 2015 hoops recruiting over?

Or are there still surprises left?

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Huskies have put together one of the craziest recruiting classes I've ever seen in basketball. Apparently the entire team decided to leave this offseason, because they are bringing in eight (EIGHT) players from the 2015 classes. That's half a basketball roster!

The eighth is Noah Dickerson, who apparently is quite happy with all the bodies he can bang with up in Seattle. The Monteverde Academy power forward committed to Washington over Cal and gives the Huskies a huge set of new faces to work with. So much for Lorenzo Romar being down and out in Seattle--that man will outlive us all.

As for Cal, the Bears might very well be done recruiting. They have loaded up on wing talent and are pretty much set there, and Tyrone Wallace will be a capable and athletic point guard to lead the way. They have their centerpiece in Ivan Rabb and their uberwonder in Jaylen Brown, plus a host of wings that will no longer feel the pressure to be scoring every night. Barring maybe a last minute transfer, it feels like Cal has their team in place for what should be an exciting next season.

Thoughts on the Cal basketball roster as currently constituted?