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Cal fans, what part of Bay Area is best?

East Bay, San Francisco, South Bay?

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Because the Warriors are in the Finals, all of the Bay Area is united together for once. I want to divide it again. Are you team East Bay (A's/Raiders), team San Francisco (49ers/Giants), or some bizarre hybrid of the two (Raiders/Giants how does that even work)? Why'd you pick your side? (Let's ignore the Sharks, they're like UCLA football on ice.)

boomtho: I really don't care about baseball at all. I root for both the Giants and A's to be successful. For football, I'm pretty similar, but given recent success, I'd guess I'd say I'm a 49ers bandwagon fan. But the Warriors are really the only pro team I love.

ragnarok: Clearly, I haven't chosen between the two MLB teams in the Bay Area, and don't feel like I have to. Grew up in the North Bay, so didn't have an obvious allegiance there, and while I live in the East Bay now, I work in SF, so I feel close to either team, and getting to either home stadium is a piece of cake for me.

Trace Travers: I'm an East Bay guy. I definitely thought the Raiders had the cooler colors when I was little, and I liked the A's because my family liked them. There's a little bit of wanting to be different from others growing up in my rooting interests, since the majority of the North Bay is filled with Giants/49ers fans. Plus, with Cal being the main team I rooted for, the Raiders and A's seemed closer, and for some reason that made a difference.

Sam Fielder: I'm a bizarre hybrid, but given the era that I lived in the Bay Area and when we moved away I think it makes sense. I'm all in on the A's and hate the Giants, but I'm a huge 49ers fan too. The 1989 and 1990 Super Bowls were about the greatest things I've ever experienced (seriously, my 1989 as a sports fan was just about perfect and as an 8 year old I just kinda thought your teams were supposed to win the championships every year. Or at least be in them. [Insert joke about now living in Bama, home of the entitled fan here] Now I realize I probably reached peak sportfandom at age 8. At least until Cal wins the Rose Bowl.) So between Rickey Henderson, Joe Montana, and Jerry Rice I was pretty much hooked for life.

I have no idea if I would have chosen the Raiders had they been in Oakland at the time, but I always thought of them as an LA team, so really, when it came to professional football, there really was only one choice and it was pretty obvious. But really, despite living in Florida for 12 years and Bama for 8, every single team I root for is from California, and minus the Dodgers, is from Northern California.

Nik Jam: As answered earlier. I'm pure East Bay. Although i'm the age of your average A's/Niners fan I didnt get into sports until after the Raiders came back.

The Giants 3 WS has been pretty depressing, especially after the A's wet the bed in '12 and '14. Seeing Cal, located in the East Bay, be filled with Giants bandwagoners made me one bitter fan. Made the Giants one of my most hated teams. Not too fond of the 49ers anymore, but when its not football season I don't think about them too much. Can't escape the Giants at all year round. The inferiority complex we A's have is sadly very similar to our (Cal's) feelings towards Stanford. Not ashamed of it, but it what it is.

LeonPowe: My rooting interests are Raiders, Dodgers, Houston Rockets. I worked for two of those teams and the third employed my favorite football player ever (Bo Jackson) So I'm not rooting for the Warriors and never for either baseball team. I'm hoping for an epic NBA finals with a bunch of game winning shots - great performances from Steph and Lebron and Kyrie and Klay. I just want a seven game amazing NBA Finals.

TwistNHook: I am a Niners/As fan.  This makes sense, because the Raiders did not exist in NorCal until I was 15 or so.  And during that time period, the Niners were one of the most successful franchises of all time.

Berkelium97: If I still lived in the Bay Area I'd have stronger feelings about which side is better (hint: East Bay), but I'm far enough away that I am generally pro-Bay Area rather than in favor of one region over another.

cldpc: I'm definitely in the East Bay camp; the passion is just so much stronger in the 510.