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NBA Draft 2015: Sacramento Kings, Boston Celtics work out David Kravish

Go David!

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

David Kravish hasn't appeared on any NBA Draft boards, but there is still a very good possibility that he will get a Summer League workout. The Sacramento Kings worked him out this week, and the Boston Celtics got at him last week!

Kravish has his work cut out for him to make it to the NBA. He still needs to bulk up quite a bit and is probably on the low end of the basketball athletic spectrum.  There are questions as to whether he can physically handle the workload of the NBA.

That being said, if he can can reach a higher potential physically, he definitely has the skills to be a solid professional player. Kravish is a solid rebounder and has decent post fundamentals along with a good jump shot. He could be a solid stretch four off the bench for a team in need of offensive help. Europe could be in his future.

Cal fans, where do you expect Kravish to end up in the NBA Draft? Sound off in the comments.