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Cal football: Which teams have the Bears not scheduled in awhile would you like to play?


Leon Halip/Getty Images

Notre Dame: Last matchup, 1967. Cal hasn't done so well historically against Notre Dame, going 0-4 and averaging a touchdown a game. I feel better about our chances this time around.

Penn State: Last matchup, 1966. Joe Paterno's first year as head coach. It's been awhile.

Syracuse: Last matchup, 1968. Doesn't really make sense to play them in football. But what about basketball? We haven't played them there in awhile!

Arkansas: First & last matchup, 1971. Game was in Arkansas. It was not close. No return matchup occurred. What is wrong with our athletic directors.

Alabama: Last matchup, 1973. Similar results to Notre Dame.

Georgia Tech: Last matchup, 1978: This is just because I'm crazy about the option. But it's time, plus Atlanta is a fun city to visit.

West Virginia: Last matchup, 1978: Bear Raid vs. Holgo Raid. This is just because I want to see both teams #drop50 in each half.

Michigan: Last matchup, 1980: This is long overdue. Time for the rubber match with Harbaugh.

Florida: Last matchup, 1980: Sure, if our home game in the matchup is played in Tampa.

Georgia: Last matchup, 1981: Probably going to be hard to get them to trek out West, but a neutral site game in Dallas or Houston would be super cool.

Kansas State: Okay, technically we've played them recently. But only once! In Manhattan! Which athletic director came up with that scheduling design? The Wildcats owe us a home game in Berkeley damnit!

Of the teams we haven't played in the past 30 years, who would you want to play the most and why?

Nik Jam: Of course, Alabama would be a big matchup. I'm not sure I'd want an near autoloss (that's not a diss at Cal more than a compliment for Alabama) on our schedule but it would definitely draw a buzz, perhaps even in the mostly not-college-sports friendly Bay Area sports scene. Also, Michigan would be an amazing matchup because they are two blue and gold teams that are infamous for always seeming to fall just short of greatness. Also it seems like every Pac-12 team gets to play Notre Dame, why not Cal?

Location-wise, Penn State, pretty much any Florida team (which ones are closest to Disney World? Haha). I know we played Miami in the then Emerald Bowl, but a trip to Miami would be pretty sweet too as far as regular season goes.

TwistNHook: I'd LOVE to play Penn State!  Like 90% of my extended family are N-Lions and so if we can beat them, it'd give me great bragging rights!  Plus, we'd get to see Sandy again.  Let's make this happen Mike Will!

LeonPowe: Michigan - in the tradition of wanting to play really good academic public schools,