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Golden Nuggets: Lonny Powell Seeks Two-Way Impact

Lonny Powell, an incoming running back recruit, looks to give the Golden Bears a boost at linebacker as well. Meanwhile, junior Emma Fletcher joins the Canadian Women's National Soccer Team.

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NBA Finals

Inside The Lair: Cal's Kerr Shares NBA Championship With Father

By Jonathan Okanes, Cal Athletic Communications

BERKELEY - For Cal libero Maddy Kerr, having her father coach the Golden State Warriors has been a dream come true.

That is, if you don't count those awkward moments she's had to endure when they go to yoga together.

Kerr's father, Steve, recently led the Warriors to their first NBA championship in 40 years. Maddy was able to attend most home games during the regular season, all home playoff games and traveled with the family to Cleveland during the NBA Finals against the Cavaliers.

That would never have happened had Kerr taken a coaching job anywhere but with the Warriors. Steve now lives nearby in Berkeley and Maddy has been able to spend a lot of time with her dad - including semi-regular trips to CorePower Yoga in Berkeley.

"He makes these weird sounds during yoga," Maddy said. "With your breathing, they tell you to let it out and he really takes that to heart. My mom and I won't even sit next to him in class."

Men's Golf

Three Cal golfers - Shotaro Ban, Keelan Kilpatrick and KK Limbhasut - have advanced to Round of 16 in match play after winning Round of 32 matches Wednesday at the 104th California Amateur Championship.

Men's Soccer

The California Golden Bears men's soccer team will return to action for 17 games during the 2015 regular season, with 10 of those matches appearing on the Pac-12 Networks.

Women's Soccer

Cal women's soccer will appear on the Pac-12 Networks an unprecedented 11 times and face 11 teams who played in the 2014 NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament in 2015, Golden Bear head coach Neil McGuire announced Wednesday.

California women's soccer junior Emma Fletcher will join Canada's National Team for the Pan Am Games beginning on July 10 in Toronto, Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Canada Soccer announced.


Daily Cal: Lonny Powell hopes to make eventual 2-way impact for Cal football

By Hooman Yazdanian | Senior Staff

There are two main ways to improve a sports team.

The more common method is for the team to try to eliminate some of its weaknesses. The other way is for the team to take its strengths and make those so strong that they overwhelm the team's weaknesses.

Lonny Powell, an incoming recruit at the running back position who was also a standout linebacker in high school, will join the Cal football team — whose weakness is defense and strength is offense — hoping to contribute on both fronts. Powell, a four-star recruit, will start his career at the running back position, where he seems poised to receive some early playing time.

The Bears have a solid depth chart at the running back position already, led by junior Khalfani Muhammad and senior Daniel Lasco, who had a big breakout season that put him as the next star in the long line of successful Cal running backs. But even with these players, Powell will still have room to give the Bears a boost.

"Whenever my name is called to get the ball, I've got to make the play," Powell said. "That's really how I see it. I'll show them that I deserve the ball more — hopefully they'll give it to me."