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Cal MBB Recruiting Scouting Report: Dennis Smith Jr.

Is it ever too early to look at next year? Nope. Time to look at 2016 Prospect PG Dennis Smith Jr.

Up Up And Away
Up Up And Away
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With Tyrone Wallace graduating and Sam Singer & Brandon Chauca being our only Point Guard options, Cal need to sign up a young new PG. And if we're looking for an amazing one, why not the Number 1 PG prospect in the 2016 class?

That video has to get you hyped up for what he could bring to the Bears. Let's take a closer look at his abilities.

Here is your basic info:

Name: Dennis Smith Jr.

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 170 lbs

School: Trinity Christian (Fayetteville, North Carolina)

AAU: Team Loaded NC

Considering: Cal, Duke, Florida, FSU, Kansas, Louisville, UNC, NC State, VCU, Wake Forest

Rating: 5-star/4th Overall Prospect/1st Point Guard (ESPN, Scout, Rivals)


  • Athleticism - Dennis is on another world when it comes to his athletic abilities. He has prototypical size you want in an elite point. Change of pace, vertical explosion, and open court speed are all attributes you want in the fast paced game that basketball is today. His leaping ability is highlighted on most tapes because it's the flashiest, but if you examine carefully its his change of pace that gives him the ability to show case his dunks. His jogging speed and full drive speed have such a huge disparity that the average defender will not be able to keep up with him. Just on this one aspect of his game alone, he has drawn multiple comparisons to Russell Westbrook.
  • Offensive Arsenal - There isn't a lot that Dennis Smith Jr can't do on a basketball court, and thats especially the case on offense. Let's take a look at what you need from a Complete Point Guard at the next level. Finish ability around the rim? Check. Transition game? Check. Mid-range? Check. 3-Point Shot? Check. Passing ability? Check. Create offense for team? Check. Clean Ball-Handling and Security? Check. One area of question regarding this is whether he can operate a offensive system and that isn't shown in mixtapes, but once the 2016 cycle fully starts we'll see more gamete and be able to fully breakdown his Field General skills.
  • Consistency & Decision Making - Dennis has a great range of abilities and repertoire of skills, but consistency and decision making seems to be issues. These two aspects do not necessarily go hand in hand, but for a point he needs to play his game consistently so that he may make the right decision to create for his team. On the flip side, the more his decision making skills improve, it will allow the game to come to him and make his game more consistent. This will defiantly come with more games and maturity as a basketball player. Understanding the flow of the game and not forcing his way will be taught by playing better competition and coaches at the next level. Its a weakness for now, but once sharpened, could be another step in his development into an elite player.
  • Defense - This isn't a knock on Dennis Smith's defensive abilities, but more the fact that only highlight-reel blocks and steals are shown. Those moments definitely show his ability to create turnovers and his recovery speed on defense, but that also means he was unable to stay in front of his assignment and had to use his superior athleticism to overcome his lapse on defense. He still has a full year to develop the defense side of his game and with his natural abilities he should be able to.

California Love. California Rising.