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Cal football schedule what if: Would you rather drop UCLA or USC as a yearly game?

Do you prefer playing Bruins or Trojans?

Harry How/Getty Images

Devil's scenario: Let's say Cal had to choose between playing UCLA OR USC instead of playing both (like all non-California Pac-12 North teams). Which game would you sacrifice and why?

Avinash Kunnath: I do enjoy that Cal gets to play UCLA and USC each year other than the regular beatings we get from the Trojans and the usual hellscape trip to Pasadena, but I wouldn't mind losing one of them to lessen the brutality of our schedule a bit.

If I had to choose between the two games, I'd prefer to keep the Bruins as a regular game. The Trojans are generally an automatic loss for most teams even in their worst years, and for Cal at this point it's become a yearly torture chamber.  Playing UCLA is more of a coin flip for us and the rivalry with a UC is something that is nice to maintain.

ragnarok: Well, what will obviously happen is that we'll rotate between playing UCLA and USC on alternate years, but if I had to pick one school to maintain an annual game with, I'd go with UCLA, if for no other reason than I would no longer have to hear "Fight On" or "Tribute To Troy" 40 million times within a 4-hour span on an annual basis.

boomtho: I'd sacrifice USC. Sick of losing to those guys, plus I like keeping games in the UC system. And like rags said, I've heard enough of the USC band for 10 lifetimes.

Sam Fielder: I'd easily drop USC. They're insufferable, we keep getting smoked by them, and I'm just tired of them. Plus the game is always some kind of a weird Thursday game or something that just messes everything up. UCLA always just feels more traditional and seems like a bigger rival to me.