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Ivan Rabb commits to Cal: An oral history from our CGB commenters

This is the first ever online play of its kind. We have made history today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The thing that makes California Golden Blogs so special in its place in the interwebs is our community. We have the greatest and most active group of sports fans of any community out there. We offer our fair share of insight, humor, support, haterade, homerism, and all sorts of other various fandom spices that make CGB so special. It's a place that deserves to be recognized for having the best community on the Internet for sure.

So I've decided to create our shared history of one of the seminal moments in Cal history: The commitment of Ivan Rabb to Cal. It's been the type of moment Golden Bears have been waiting a long time to see happen, and our community felt all the range of emotions on the day of the event. It made for an exhausting day that was almost as theatrical as some of our most memorable days.

Let's revisit Ivan Rabb watch through the eyes of what our diehard Cal community saw that fateful Monday night.

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Ivan Rabb has set the time for his decision. 7 PM tomorrow night. Let's start with the most Cal comment ever.

Senor Golden: I'm honestly kind of done with Rabb watch. Fantastic if he comes. Eh if he doesn't. Plus, I have an ochem midterm the next day.

There is optimism.

Salty Bear: I'm excited. It strikes me that just as likely as the doom projections is that, well, he's been busy. The state championship turned out to be a bad time to announce a personal decision, then he had a busy travel schedule with those all-star games, and now that it's over he can announce while home. And as it's about him, all of our "what does this mean or that mean" worries aren't really important, and he was getting through a busy (and spotlight heavy) stretch. But all of it is projection. So I'm happy we'll soon know, and I hope he ends up a Bear. We'd really like him and root for him loudly and such.

dmh65: I would bet Top Dog that he chooses Cal. I'm really not even worried. The voices in my head are singing happy tunes. You all can start rejoicing now.

GeorgeWatson: Come on now, Ivan, sing it! "Oski dolls, pom-pom girls, UC all the way!"

DaveInTheHills: The most exciting off-season for Cal basketball since we hired Monty.

There is pessimism.

TooUsedToGapage: I'll have a pack of tissues with me just in case.

goldenone: The back and forth ruminations of Rabb don't have me very optimistic. Hope he still comes, but if not, oh well...Cuonzo will do just fine.

calbears04: Im guessing he decides to rebel against his mom and get out of the Bay Area to be on his own for the first time in his life....

There is Lebowski.


SuperEQ: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #crootin

There is capitulation.

zavork: The vast majority of Wildcat fans are expecting Rabb to commit to Cal. He has been recruiting for you the past couple of months. I won't be shocked if he commits to the UA, but I will be surprised.

There is dread.

HeyAlumniGo: I'm fully expecting the worst. I'm not going to watch. (Who am I kidding??? I will.)

deanchoi: I too was about to write "I'm over it" and "expecting the worst" and a shrugging, oh wells type of post but WHO THE FUCK AM I KIDDING after the emotional roller coaster of the past few weeks I really want this kid to be a Cal Bear. We need him. We deserve him. We deserve to have nice things too. We are a nice, polite and classy group but sometimes it's ok to be be douche assholes and show emotion and passion for our team.

If Rabb comes we have a pretty solid lineup and roster. But beyond that I feel like all the hype and fanfare will help spark a killer instinct in our players and in our program that has been lacking awhile. I love Monty to death and loved his time here but there was a lack of killer instinct. That's why I was a fan of the the Crabbe shove.

Sorry had a lot of red bull already today...

There is...linguistic parsing?

Oski Disciple: Please refrain from either of the following: "It is what it is " or "Whatever happens happens" such comments are not profound, meaningful or helpful. Technically, of course you are correct that things are as they are and things that happen do indeed happen but don't try to passing that off as wisdom. Thank you for your cooperation and I'll see ya when I see ya.

Bearly Legal: Well, when it comes to those empty comments, it is what it is.

sup_doe_library: How about in foreign languages? Que sera, sera.

BearByte: Wasn't Oski the leader of the Free Speech Movement?

Oski Disciple: Have you ever once heard Oski say: "it is what it is?" Of course not. Not the language of any self respecting Bear.

LeonPowe: 中文可以吗?就这样,没办法没办法

j.lee: ¯\(ツ)/¯

Salty Bear: But as we are largely anonymous here. Will you know that you've seen us when you see us?

JustBear: So what should we say? "DOOOOOOOOM"?

knickvb: I actually think expressions of tautological resignation are fine after the roller coaster ride we have endured. I do think it's awesome that you have called people out for realizing and accepting the fact that they have no control over this process and that the speculation is totally absurd (and meaningless). See, e.g., Swanigan, C. Let's have the serenity to accept the things we cannot change and take solace in knowing that the era of Rabb-id anticipation is 22 hours away from closure.

There is meta.

Reef: I want to announce that I will announce my prediction tomorrow at 6pm. Sources close to me say I am leaning toward predicting Arizona, but I would like to say that you shouldn't believe all the rumors you hear. I am trying to convince Avi to join me for a package prediction, because I think we could predict special things together. I am also in touch with Nick and Kod via instagram, but they are a longshot to join me in a package prediction.

In the end, though, I gotta make the prediction that's best for me, and God willing, and with hard work, it will all work out.

Dasarte Yarnway fan club: Have you had a chance to talk to your family?

Reef: My mom has been my biggest supporter, but in the end I know she's going to let me make the decision that's best for me. I do want to make sure I'm comfortable before I make a prediction, so I need to sit down and talk this over with her, for sure.

Senor Golden: Will you postpone your decision?

Reef: I'd like to announce that I'm moving my prediction up to 5:30pm.

The Wisdom Cow: Not sure I can handle much more of the anticipation over Reef's prediction. It's starting to get ridiculous. Do we really think he is going to ignore the wishes of his mother? I mean, sure, it's HIS prediction. But does he not care about his mother at all. Is that what he's saying? Moms matter, Reef. Moms matter. Listen to your mother. What if your prediction is the last one she will be able to see in person?

I don't know. I'm just tired of the suspense. Reef is going to predict who he is going to predict. It is what it is. All we can do is wait.

HeyAlumniGo: But what does your mom want you to do?

Bearacious: Would Reef really goes against his mother's prediction in her own kitchen?

Rollah: Even if Reef ends up predicting AZ, the good news is that he will be a one-and-done. Once he's made that prediction, we won't have to worry about how many more predictions he will make that end up hurting Cal. Reef can take his predictions to the next level after this 1 year. I'm still holding out hope that he predicts Cal, but I refuse to let myself be carried away by the end result. "Just use your best judgment, Reef, you know we trust you."

Scott Chong: It's crazy I find out where I'm going from so many people daily. Don't believe the rumors.


Decision day arrives

5:52 AM: The day begins with ancient chants to the gods of old. Mostly to a man dressed in a bear suit who imbibes with a straw through his eye.

Oddoski: We must summon him from his lair!

All sing the ancient hymn!

Oski Wow-Wow!

Whiskey Wee-Wee!

Olee! Muckie-eye!

Olee! Berkeley-eye!

California! Wow!

5:54 AM: Arizona got the glory

GeorgeWatson: You can understand Rabb's dilemma. Arizona is much closer to a Final Four appearance than Cal at present. If he's thinking one- or even two-and-done, his one good chance for college basketball glory is there.

But don't forget about Cal

GeorgeWatson: On the other hand, if he really is committed to a great education, got his head on very straight (as he seems to have), then there's no question about where he goes. And CAL basketball's stock rise immensely. Swanigan aside, Rabb can act as a magnet for other players to come to CAL the longer he plays. He will be an immense catch for CAL.

8:05 AM: The madness begins. Everyone begins speculating, even two years into the future

Auricursine: Is he here yet?  Has he left yet?

Reef: Can't wait for the "Will Ivan leave for the draft?" speculation.

DaveInTheHills: I hope we'll have that problem!

8:54 AM: Dismissal of the opposition has begun. All Wildcats must be faded.

Bearly Legal: Arizona is not sniffing the Final Four next year, considering they're losing just about every good player on this year's team.

9:27 AM: There is an epidemic rumored to be spreading in the Bay Area, and it is of people hitting refresh on an Ivan Rabb decision day on the third most popular Cal site on the Internet.

Reef: You know how hard it is to go through my normal day AND check on Rabb news every 15 minutes?

9:34 AM: The epidemic is confirmed.

1988goldenbear: Yes. Yes I do.

10:08 AM: Sam Singer, man of the people, bearer of good news, provides great tidings He tweets that today is going to be a great day. Cal Rivals puts the Cal signal up. Here we go.

Dasarte Yarnway fan club:....We all remember how much fun that was last time we saw that AMIRITE?! Caleb Swanigan committed to Michigan State the last time that signal was thrown up. The opposite of good times.

10:56 AM: Here comes the rationality that we expect

Kidd Karma: The one big difference that usually goes unnoticed is the chemistry, at Cal you have a bunch of guys who's been here 2-3 seasons already. At Arizona, especially this coming season, there's going to be a whole new group dynamic, I mean the only key returnee is Tarczewski. 2 years ago Miller was able to mesh Hollis-Jefferson and Gordon seamlessly into their mix, but that was aided by a veteran backcourt of McConnell and Johnson.

Translation: Cal got experience. Arizona got all that talent but they all wildin'. We feeling good.

12:07 PM: Arizona fans take the Zen approach to Rabb recruitment, believe they will win the Pac-12 regardless of what happens. Then they will conquer Moscow and discover new forms of caviar.

its4danv: This coming years team, although losing upwards of four starters is still pretty well stocked with talent. All signs point to Rabb and Cal but Arizona will be a very strong team next year either way. If they add Damian Lewis and Tollefson they'll have a lot of outside shooting, be deep at every position and likely still the favorite to win the conference again.

12:50 PM: Step 1 on your path to become the next Jeff Goodman.

BTown85: No matter where Ivan decides to go, my response will be the same..."I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!"

peetyjay: Perfect! You now qualify as a recruiting expert.

Oski Disciple: I knew in my gut that you would post that comment.

Cleancutmedia: i have a gut. not in college anymore.

For a whole hour, CGB hoops recruiting nerd Reef journeys alone in his ever present vigil over Ivan Rabb watch

Reef, 12:59 PM: I have a prediction I am comfortable with. I will announce in 4 1/2 hours.

Reef, 1:17 PM: Spending the afternoon getting excited about Stephen Domingo, regardless of where Rabb decides to go.

Reef, 2:06 PM: I go work for half an hour and nothing happens. What kind of a half ass live chat is this?

1:23 PM: CGB commenter brags about wearing a Syracuse sweater. Editor's note: Sometimes I feel like UC Berkeley students treat fandom like its their favorite type of fruit.

Calbears06: Saw [Stephen Domingo] in the Political Economy advising office last week and had a quick word with him. Seems like a very down to earth guy. I was also wearing a Syracuse basketball shirt at the time too, so that's saying something :)

DaveInTheHills: Cal basketball > Syracuse basketball

2:03 PM: Tea leaves fall from the sky.  Intrepid Cal basketball reporter Lindsay Brauner tweets reports from Ivan Rabb's mom Tami. Tami states "I'm nervous for my baby!" and "He's excited though, kind of like a big kid!"

CGB commenters ponder the tea leaves, further unhinging them.

Rollah: well, which is it? a big kid or a baby?

Reef: Tami Rabb, the ultimate tea leaf.

Rollah: Tell you what, If he goes to Arizona, I will not listen to her the next time she implores fans to come to Haas to watch him play!

2:26 PM: One inspiring Cal parent (Bearant!) discuss the importance of making your children feel uncomfortable at all times.

BTown85: Just need me a twitter account to become a recruiting expert.

Peetyjay: And a paywall. Your valuable recruiting insight cannot just be given away.

atomsareenough: You should sign up! It's fun.

BTown85: I think my kids would be MORTIFIED if I told them I tweeted !!!! OK, I'M ALL IN THEN !!!!!! : )

atomsareenough: Yeah, not seeing a downside here :)

BTown85: Let's see.

- Have fun on Twitter......CHECK !

- Piss off the teenagers......CHECK !

- Feel more like a cool, hip dad when I post pictures on the line........

atomsareenough: Make sure you tag them on Instagram. They'll LOVE it.

2:27 PM: Cal beat number one Arizona way back when. That was good times. The CGB community, waiting for Rabb to commit and fresh off analyzing the Zapruder tape, focus on this skeptical woman watching Justin Cobbs winning the game.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.36.22 PM.png

(Photo Credit: Kelley L Cox, USA Today Sports)

Rollah: [She] looks annoyed just standing, like, "get this over with, I have to be somewhere else!"

peetyjay: Hey, maybe she's a savvy fan or perhaps she coaches basketball: She isn't focused on the result, she's just disappointed in Cobbs' shot selection.

BTown85: .....she comes from a long line of Cal fans and is thinking: "We came THIS stinking close to ALMOST being awesome again....."

2:36 PM: The tinfoil is growing. Skepticism mounts. Cal cannot have good things. This all must be a trick!

Cavapietro: I predict that Tami Rabb will announce on Twitter later this afternoon that Cal fans should come to her restaurant tonight to watch Ivan try the house special, surf and turf. Ivan will finish his plate, hug mommy, high-five the wait staff, and declare that he's full, postponing his decision for some time "in the next couple of days."

2:45 PM: Little did he know.

Oski Disciple: I want Rabb watch to be over so I can focus all my attention on Jaylen Brown watch.

BTown85: Don't EVEN start with that !!!!!!

2:56 PM: We must find hope. Hope is all we have.

goldenone: Rabb posted something this morning on his twitter feed with the hashtag #gobears, so maybe that's good news. But I don't care to speculate on it.

Senor Golden: He retweeted Oscar Frayer (2016 Cal commit)

3:07 PM: The commentariat is now falling into delirium.

maveric23: So far, the doomsday clock has yet to appear. That's a good sign.

3:21 PM: Puns are appearing. Everyone is becoming sick.

calbears6: This anticipation is too much to bear (pun intended) ;)

3:51 PM: Cal fans are already approaching the final stage of grief. We are still three hours from Ivan Rabb showing up at his mom's diner.

OddOski: As the announcement draws near, We would all do well to remember Oski 3:51: "Harden your hearts."

4:09 PM: Arizona fan chimes in that Rabb is committing to Cal.

Jack Davis: The guys staying home, and good for him. Can't wait to play you guys next year. Should be a great match up.

Almost everyone ignores him. This is a whisperer of lies. Can't trust a man with two first names.

4:37 PM: A prediction is made.  Does it satisfy anyone?

Reef: OK, I'm predicting early.


Jack Davis, master of lies: duh

Senor Golden: What's your confidence level?

Reef: 71%

Rollah: so you're saying, there's a chance?

j.lee: YES! WHOO!


The Wisdom Cow: I'm 70.422% confident in Reef's prediction. So, it's pretty much a coin flip to me.

5:08 PM: Everyone is approaching the realm of madness. Someone makes a prediction that rivals an opening to a LOST episode.

EchoOfSilence: Rabb comes out, to a table set up with his mom's restaurant's food. He talks about how it's been a long road, and happy to get this weight off his shoulders. He pulls out a Cal hat, then pauses.

... Then he says "Jaylen Brown is going to attend Cal." Jaylen Brown pops out of the kitchen.

... Brown takes out an Arizona hat. The crowd gasps.

..."Ivan Rabb really liked Arizona, and would like to thank the Wildcats." Then pulls out a Cal hat. Raucous applause.

Then I woke up this morning and saw this thread.

5:14 PM: Andy Dufresne is cracking on that wall, and Ivan Rabb is on the other side

Californiaa: 96 minutes until freedom

5:28 PM: Alcoholism has set in.

n1nerlife: No matter what happens, @oracle gif me drinking

5:29 PM: Ever forgot to study for a test and decided you needed to have the answers in advance?

OCBear'09: So Martin should know by now I assume. Anyone have his cell number?


5:30 PM: Mike Vernon drives hope out of every Cal fan.

The range of emotions is wide and varied. There's speechlessness.

Senor Golden: .....

There is rationalization.

n1nerl1fe: but his friend isn't at Arizona either?

EchoOfSilence: Now he doesn't have a big body at Cal to play with. He would at Zona


There is hanging on the edge.

sup_doe_library: Ivan and his mom driving me crazy. they're just playing with our emotions now.

There are casualties.

Senor Golden: BRB. Dying right now. FMLLLLLL.

There are tears.

EchoOfSilence: (Sobbing)

Californiaa: I refuse to believe anything until Ivan says it! That's final! (cries)

There is pre-acceptance.

OddOski: Yup. that's it. Arizona.

There is being snakebitten.

Reef: This is what I get for predicting too early. It's a dangerous act, predicting recruiting.

DaveInTheHills: Then stop it!

Reef: Likelike I've got anything else to do on Rabb day.

There is dark humor.

HeyAlumniGo: Maybe he'll pull out a Michigan State hat now...

EchoOfSilence: Why would you do that.

LeonPowe: Chicago State!

There is despair tinged with defiance.

Senor Golden: It would have been so much easier if he had cut us out of the running earlier and not bring us down to his final 2.

EchoOfSilence: Nah man, I'd rather have it this way. Puts our name out under the damn national spotlight. It's been a while.

There is doom. There is always, always doom.

Nam Le: We're doomed.

Californiaa: We've been doomed since day 1. Because Cal.

ucsdgoldenbear: doom doom doom doom doom

EchoOfSilence: @oracle gif me doom

There is analysis of these mysterious Tweets.

Dasarte Yarnway fan club: shit. But listen Tami Rabb has misled us before.

sup_doe_library: Here's why I think we're being manipulated (not in a mean way)-would Rabb's mom really let the cat out of the bag and tip his hand THAT hard when he's moments away from breaking our hearts?

Dasarte Yarnway fan club: I don't think it's totally damning. Everyone, including moms, says crazy shit during the crootin process. Remember that ESPN had ‘multiple sources' confirm Swanigan to Cal.

Californiaa: Hold on, we could use some optimism.

This could mean it had some weight changing his decision, he really wanted swanigan to come, but he still decided on Cal after flip flopping all night. He still could becoming to Cal! Please...

@oracle gif me tea leaves

Dasarte Yarnway fan club: Her use of the term ‘here' to describe Cal could be meaningful. Just because it had some weight doesn't mean it made the decision. Fuck what is my life right now.

EnviroBear13: Swanigan's decision having "weight" doesn't necessarily mean that Rabb was swayed towards Arizona. It could just mean that it made his decision more difficult - regardless if he chooses Cal or Arizona in the end. If he was leaning towards Cal, he lost out on being able to play with Swanigan. And if he was leaning Arizona, committing to Arizona would crush Cal fans even harder (which I'm sure does matter to him, even if it's only a tiny bit).

6 PM: Everyone is reeling from the death blows. All the defense mechanisms are up. But everyone is a strong proud Cal fan who doesn't need Ivan Rabb to commit to Cal to live.

They just need him to commit to stay happy for the rest of the year.

Reef: I guess not a whole lot has changed. We knew he was a heavy Cal lean around the time of state championship. We knew he was having second thoughts re: talent level. We knew he was actively recruiting friends to come. We knew that his inability to get Swanigan would be a disappointment.

The question that remains unanswered is whether he's been able to get over this reservation. I guess we still don't know.

I continue to believe that it would be an extremely crass move to shun the local school in a full-blown presser, when most recruits, including his friends, have been announcing via Twitter. I don't think he's the type of kid who would be unaware of the impact of such a move. The act of having the presser still smells like Cal to me. We'll find out soon enough.

Californiaa: What do you make of the recent Mike Vernon tweets, though? Seem damning to me.

Motives must be questioned. Suspicion is rampant. The commitment of one five star power forward is now threatening to shatter a community into mental shards.

Sup_doe_library: Tweeted to ratchet up the drama? I hope? Crap i said the h-word.


@oracle gif me happy Cal thoughts

Reef: It's not news to me that it was a big deal to Ivan or that Friday was a big moment. He had to ask himself whether in his heart he believes in Cuonzo and this program, or not. So now we'll find out. Could very well have been the moment when he said, screw it, this is fam, this is where I belong, I'm gonna do what's in my heart.

Or it could have been the moment when the Fab 5 dream died. I see either one as plausible.

Californiaa: I knew it! You're Tami Rabb!

Is Tami Rabb Keyser Soze?

Caiforniaa: Good one Tami, very funny. One of the best trolls i've seen. We know Ivan's been coming to Cal this whole time!

Bearacious: Tami is torturing us, and recruited Lindsay Brauner into the plot.

With pain now everywhere, the community ponders the meaning of said pain.

N1nerl1fe: This board is so ridiculous. Couple tweets and we're yelling DOOM. Couple sentences from Reef and we're popping bottles.

Reef: To be clear, I think we know from the last couple weeks that there's no such thing as recruiting experts or accurate recruiting info. And I'm just talking out of my ass to kill time.

Nobody knows anything.

Salty Bear: I'm eating Junior Mints to kill time. It's very refreshing.

MuerteMan: Minty Fresh. Those mint Oreo's though. They my jam for these last 10 minutes.

This script is not sponsored by either Junior Mints or Oreos.

Reef: For real though, this last few weeks makes me feel good about the future no matter what happens. Not just the fact that we're in it with these types of dudes, but what they're saying about Cuonzo and the Cal program. Jolly's insta-commit when he met the team, against some pretty good D1 possibilities. I don't have a lot of doubt that Cuonzo is going to recruit well in the long run or that he's building a program that'll start to funnel in good talent directed toward his system. It may be now, it may take a year or two, but the talent will be here.

It would suck to lose the only local kid in the next few years who's gonna be this good, but eventually you build a program by continuing to attract high ceiling guys who fit your style. Either way, great hire.

LeonPowe: The bigger picture for me is way beyond the one year impact of Rabb at Cal - which, may or may not amount to much (remember that Reef, as good as he was, took us to a first round exit) - but it's keeping the local kids and getting that Oakland Soldiers pipline and relationship strong again.

Reef: It's a big deal, no doubt, and it would be a setback, but I think Cuonzo has already established that he's going to recruit locally. I have every confidence that we're going to be a stronger player with local kids than we ever were with Monty. Plus, to pull a dude like Jolly out of Oklahoma is such a huge step.

6:23 PM: Someone brings up a restaurant menu of the Ol' Yeller. It cheers up no one.

LeonPowe: Janis Joplin and UGK are from the same town (Port Arthur, Texas - near Houston and near the Louisana Border). Hmmm, Mama Rabb's food looks good. Might have to get some when I'm back in the Bay Area.

HeyAlumniGo: Announce you're taking your talents to Tuscon, thereby driving a stake in all Cal fans...Priceless.

uscdgoldenbear: I hope he spells out his college choice in an assortment of his mom's soul food.

Exhaustion has set in. The thousand year faces have set in. Bear Territory just wants to be set free, occasionally with illegal substances.

HeyAlumniGo (6:26 PM): Are we done yet? Can I stop refreshing the front page yet?

Ucsdgoldenbear (6:28 PM): Honestly i don't know what to do if he commits. I'm so used to getting let down that a commitment would create new emotions in me, and what if i react poorly to them? I might set my couch on fire. Probably for the best if he doesn't commit to us.

Sup_doe_library (6:31 PM): Either way this will be me. "LOUD NOISES!"

The Wisdom Cow (6:33 PM): Anyone have any spare opium? I'm feeling a bit edgy.

Oski Disciple (6:35 PM): I could go for some myself right about now.

Let's check in on Cal basketball expert Reef.

Reef (6:31 PM): This whole thing is officially surreal.

Nam Le (6:34 PM): Reef, you ok bro?

Reef (6:35 PM): Doing my taxes. :)

Nam Le (6:39 PM): My god he's dying already.

Reef (6:40 PM): Surprised I'm getting a small refund considering I pulled from 401k to pay for furd

EchoOfSilence (6:40 PM): Always messing up people's plans.

People are now speculating on announcement technique. We're going deep into the meta.

dmh65 (6:38 PM): I'm hoping that Rabb announces his decision in a video similar to Hillary Clinton's. You know, where he doesn't even appear in the video until the end of it. Just hoping that he doesn't endorse Doug Ducey.

Auricursine (6:47 PM): But then Chris Hansen of NBC appears in the video!

Reef has become a bipolar Jon Snow.

Reef (6:43 PM): Decided I'm not gonna watch. Gonna keep paying taxes. I'll probably be able to find the info somewhere...

Reef (6:47 PM): So someone just asked on Twitter what I predicted, and I'm a little scared anyone takes me seriously. On court stuff, yeah, this stuff, no. NOBODY REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT RECRUITING.

Reef (6:50 PM): Okay fine, I'm watching. I am mentally picturing Arizona. It's better if that's in my head.

The announcement stream is up. More despair.

AndyHogan14 (6:53 PM): Sooo.... Red white and blue balloons. :(

Or maybe...

EchoOfSilence (6:53 PM): THERE'S GOLD THERE TOO.

Everything is silence. We receive this cogent piece of information twisting in the wind.

n1nerl1fe (6:53 PM): Damn. Rabb is tall

Reef (6:54 PM): #analysis

BTown85 (6:55 PM): "I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!" Oh wait, too soon?

Too soon.

cleancutmedia (6:55 PM): Me too!! Wait... what?

Non sequitur.


COMMITMENT. A thousand voices act react as one.

Muerte Man: LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reef: GO BEARS!!!!

n1nerl1fe: CAL. HE'S GOING TO CAL


ondal: Yes!

AndyHogan14: IT'S CAL. Thank Oski!


The Wisdom Cow: Thank R'hllor!


Reef: I told you: BECAUSE IT'S FAM.

BTown85: "I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!"I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!""I knew it in my gut all along !!!!!!"

KetamineCal: Yes! Welcome to Cal!



cleancutmedia: GO!

HeyAlumniGo: BEARS!

Californiaa: y04ITSt.jpg

6:57 PM: There is confusion as to how to react


ucsdgoldenbear:  Ummmmmmmmmm. I don't know what we're supposed to do. ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BURN THINGS?!?!?!?


HeyAlumniGo: I'll do what Kentucky fans wanted to do last weekend, but COULDN'T!!!!

cleancutmedia: For a second.. i wasn't quite sure because it got so loud...I was like.. he said Cal right? right? right??

FromCtoShining(Blue)C: I don't understand this feeling. Why don't I feel heartbroken?

RhetoriCal: A THING WENT OUR WAY. That can happen.

benjamin.feiner.3: I started the California chant. It was awesome.

6:59 PM: Only four minutes before your first Monty Python reference

The Wisdom Cow: There has not been this level of rejoicing since Sir Robin's minstrels were eaten.


7:00 PM: Most Cal reaction ever. Grammarnazis!

Joe Bandsmen: "University of Cal Berkeley." Someone educate him

FromCtoShining(Blue)C: University of Cal, Berkeley?

bearacious: he was nervous!

7:00 PM: Are Cal fans allowed to be happy?

ucsdgoldenbear: What are these emotions, am i supposed to be happy?


The puns. They're here.

Oski Disciple: I've always been a Rabb-id Cal fan.


Reef and AERose have a moment.




Reef: Okay, if we're going to our roots, then AEROSE TELL ME IT WILL BE OKAY.

7:04 PM: There is Stockholm Syndrome.

HeyAlumniGo: DOOM!!! He said he hasn't decided when he's going to sign

Oski Disciple: He'll announce his signing date in a few weeks from his cousin's pharmacy.

bearacious: There were red flowers

JerseyBear: And red, blue and white balloons! I missed the actual announcement and thought he had announced for Arizona..until he started talking about recruiting Jaylen Brown and I saw the Cal hat at the very end...can't wait for the season to start!

Aurcursine: ...before those 6 months are up, that big, predicted Hayward Fault quake finally hits, destroying the campus completely, allowing Rabb to transfer to Arizona. Or worse, Stanfurd. #becauseCal

7:04 PM: What's Rabb like?

Reef: He's a good kid.

LeonPowe: I'd note that he would be no matter where he went to school.

bearacious: He has become a better educated kid already

7:05 PM: Someone finally asks the important questions.

ucsdgoldenbear: Okay but the real question now. Will he leave for the draft after next season? Will he announce at his mom's restaurant again? Will he say he went to Butte community college during his NBA player introductions?

There is tempting of fate.

OCBear'09: 3 awesome MBB commits in ONE year... Even Cal can't mess this up right?

ucsdgoldenbear: you underestimate us

Now what?

Reef: I for real don't even know what to do right now. It's 6 months until practice starts.

Auricursine: We are all relieved that you can now go back to your normal do HAVE a normal life, right???? : )

Reef: Not anymore. I may just watched film until the season starts.

ososdeoro: Well, there's three months of watching...defensive backs chasing wide receivers around. Doesn't matter who has the ball.

Bearly Legal: Follow the team around during their Australia trip?


Someone comes up with a greatest idea.

Dasarte Yarnway fan club: #JAYLENWATCH Let's just do it all over again

Reef: LOL, he's calling Brown "right now"

n1nerl1fe: Requesting J. Brown hype thread. I need a place to post gifs and the like

LeonPowe: @oracle gif me hype

Everyone reaches full contentment.

Bearly Legal: Great job Cuonzo and the coaching staff on what's already been a historic recruiting season.

Great job students for making Ivan feel the love both times he visited.

Great job Ivan's parents for raising a fine young man.

And great job Ivan for choosing the harder, more meaningful path rather than the easy, predictable road.

OddOski: When I saw this article I almost cried. It had been such a long day. Tired and hungry I was sure he was going to Arizona. But then he didn't. Cal won out and now I'm so happy I don't even wanna lurk Zona blogs. Goodnight y'all. And welcome to Berkeley, Ivan Rabb.

Go Bears.

Dasarte Yarnway fan club: I was prepared for this to be 'Zona. In the age of YouTube highlights reels, AAU travel teams, national recruiting... it feels like the elite talent will always end up with the bluebloods.

In order for a non-name-brand program to jump into that elite category, someone has to buck conventional wisdom. Some recruit has to believe in the vision of the program before the vision actually comes to fruition. Thankfully, Ivan Rabb was born in Oakland...Regardless of his on-court performance (and in reality, he likely will play less than 40 games in a Cal uniform), this is huge for the perception of the program as a desirable place for high level recruits. Huge for keeping an elite local recruit home. Huge to win a very public recruiting battle over a dominant conference foe.

One recruit doesn't make you an elite program and we don't automatically win games because he comes, but it's a huge step in the right direction. Cuonzo clearly built a very strong relationship with Rabb in about a years time.

Welcome Ivan, thank you, and Go Bears.

And the most Cal response ever...

Senor Golden (10:20 PM): I have an ochem midterm tomorrow. Haven't done anything since 6 PM.