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Cal football recruiting: Michael Eletise, 4-star offensive lineman, has Golden Bears in top 10


Harry How/Getty Images

Cal must get bigger as they move forward if they expect to start making big leaps. They need elite lineman that will ensure better pass protection and stronger run blocking. They've already landed two commitments in Jake Curhan (scouting report) and Daniel Juarez (scouting report) that should keep class balance moving in the right direction. Now they have to find a way to get an elite prospect or two.

Perhaps the biggest target on their radar on the West Coast is Honolulu (Hi.) Kaiser offensive guard Michael Eletise, who is probably one of the stronger prospects that has Cal on their radar. Eletise released his top ten, and Cal made the cut!

You'll see some notable schools like Oregon and USC not making the cut, which is a good sign. But there is still plenty of stiff competition from places like UCLA, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska and Washington. Cal will have to do a lot better recruiting. Cal can do their best to promote the idea of open competition--in the next few years there will be plenty of spots opening up on the roster.

And Eletise is definitely someone who would upgrade the Cal offensive line. Take a look at their highlights.