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2016 NFL Draft preview: Jared Goff, Bryce Treggs, Jordan Rigsbee potential Cal football picks

Who goes next year?

Harry How/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL Draft had no Cal Bears selected. The 2016 Draft will probably be quite a bit different.

There are several Golden Bears who are in the mix to be selected next season, and some are pretty obvious, while some are still flying under the radar.

Jared Goff: Goff is getting some early hype as a potential top NFL quarterback prospect in 2016. It's not quite clear where he stacks up at the moment with top flight prospects like Connor Cook and Christian Hackenberg, but Goff is definitely being talked about by plenty an NFL scout out there for next season. Goff already has all the physical tools and can make plenty of the throws. It's all a matter of whether scouts believe he's ready for the leagues.

Bryce Treggs: Treggs was one of the two wide receivers (along with Chris Harper) that had the ability to turn pro, but instead decided to come back for his senior campaign. Treggs is almost certainly the most pro-ready of any of our wide receivers in terms of great stuff. He's an excellent route runner and can play either in the slot or on the outside. And whereever he is, he knows how to make an impact somewhere, particularly with regards to making catches.

Jordan Rigsbee: Solid offensive linemen are hard to come by in the draft, and Rigsbee fits the bill. He's a solid offensive guard who has had to play out of position at multiple times at Cal, but he will get a chance to play at his natural spot this season if all goes according to plan. He's a mauling offensive guard who likes to put people onto the ground. Rigsbee is going to be highly sought after with a successful campaign.

Trevor Davis: Talk about jumping out of nowhere. Davis has become one of the fastest wide receivers on the team and become a legitimate deep threat for the Bears. His return abilities are also on point and he's proven to be quite solid as an outside threat. If Davis can further develop in his final season, he has a lot of potential to be quite the dynamic option.

Stephen Anderson: Anderson has popped right off the Cal walk-onathon to become a legitimate NFL prospect. He might not be quite the technician and produce the spectacular highlight catches that other great Cal receivers on our rosters do. But he delivers with timely catches, and also has the size to be a bit of a bully on the inside. He can also block quite well too.

Daniel Lasco: Lasco made a timely junior leap to become Cal's number one running back. He's become very slippery in space and knows how to execute within the confines of a system. He can catch passes in the backfield and is going to do some good work. He's still got some developing to do, but he is starting to look like the last viable link in the Ron Gould chain of successful running backs who might make it in the pros.

Kenny Lawler: It still remains to be seen whether Lawler will decide to declare a year early, but he is definitely one of those players who has all the athletic marks down to be successful at that level.  He was already coming on as Cal's most consistent go-to threat on the outside at the end of last season, and he will be one to watch in the future if he keeps on making his signature big-time catches.

Which players do you think will be selected in the 2016 NFL Draft for Cal and where do you think they were going to go?