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California Men and Women Crews fell short of titles on Championship Sunday

This is how you can watch both Cal Men and Women Crew row for national championships this morning online.

ROW ON YOU BEARS! Cal Women's Varsity 8 looks to cap an undefeated season with a win today.
ROW ON YOU BEARS! Cal Women's Varsity 8 looks to cap an undefeated season with a win today.
Cal Women's Crew Facebook

Cal Men Crew at the IRA (Intercollegiate Rowing Association) Championships

Online Link: IRA YouTube Channel


V8 (the National Title race): 5:40 AM PT

2nd V8: 6:00 AM PT

3rd V8: 6:10 AM PT

Freshmen 8: 6:20 AM PT

V4: 7:20 AM PT

Cal Women's Crew at the NCAA Championships

Online Link:


V4 (petit final): 8 AM PT

2nd V8: 8:36 AM PT

V8: 9 AM PT

Check out my quick previews of both events in this past Friday's version of Golden Medals.

Cal Men's Crew

Where: Mercer Lake in New Jersey

Cal Men's Crew placed all boats in the grand finals for Sundays. The national title for men's crew is simple to figure out, it is given to the winner of the Varsity 8 race. Bears' V8 squad won their semifinal race easily over Princeton with a time of 5:30.524. Golden Bears are ranked 2nd in the nation after losing the Pac-12 Championship to Washington but the Bears have bested the Washington Huskies earlier on the year.

The competition for the Bears in the V8 final are Brown, Princeton, Washington, Harvard and Northeastern.

Cal Women's Crew

Where: Gold River in California

The NCAA title for women's rowing is given out based on total team points across three races: V8 (weighed more), 2nd V8, and V4. While I can't find the precise breakdown of the points, Bears have advanced to the grand finals for both the V8 and 2nd V8 and the petit final for V4 this year.

Winning both V8 and 2nd V8 was the recipe for success for Ohio State last year with their V4 just in the petit final. The Varsity 8 for the Bears are undefeated for the season. A perfect record for them even without the team title would be a huge accomplishment although the two titles are highly correlated.