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Cal MBB Recruiting Scouting Report: Noah Dickerson

Seems like recruiting really never ends. Cal is in the mix for newly released 2015 PF Noah Dickerson. Let's see what he brings to the table.

You got one more?
You got one more?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Cal recruiting never stops. Coach Martin and Co. are back on the trail and are currently in the mix for former Florida Commit, Noah Dickerson. Another big body would be great for our depth but let's take a deeper look into what he would bring to the team.

Here is your basic info:

Name: Noah Dickerson

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 245 lbs

High School: Montverde Academy (FL)

AAU: Georgia Stars

Rating: 4-Stars (ESPN, Scout, Rivals)

Considering: Cal, Texas, Washington

  • All-Around Game - Noah seems to be solid in everything that he does. He rebounds, he finishes around the rim, he runs the floor, he plays hard defense. One part of his abilities that does seem to excel though, is his ability to finish in the paint. The kid does a little bit of everything and that certainly helps the depth of any team. Having a player with his range of skills allows the rotation to be less confined on offense and defense. A good comparison would be Draymond Green when he was playing for Izzo at Michigan State.
  • Body Type - He will not jump out of the gym, but he does have all the physical attributes of a solid college forward. Noah has broad shoulders, strong legs and a fully-grown upper body. Its tough to find high school players that have fully grown into their bodies these days, and with Noah any team could insert him into play right away just because he has the body that is able to compete with others on the court. His body type and size also will help him to be very competitive in the paint, and that's something he already excels at.
  • Jump Shot - Noah is great anywhere on the blocks or running the pick-and-roll but he has yet to develop a catch-and-shoot jumper to keep defenses honest. He isn't only a back to the basket player but when he does face up, his tendency is to drive to the basket. Adding this facet to his game could help his overall game even more.

  • Physical maintenance - Noah has a great basketball body, but he needs to make sure he keeps his body in top condition. His size and strength are his biggest strengths but they can quickly turn into his greatest weakness if he does not maintain them to a certain standard. S&C coaches can only do so much for the player.
How he fits with Cal:

Noah Dickerson gives Cal a very versatile on the frontline. With his body frame, Noah is able to play the 3,4 or 5. Having another big body that can score in the paint is huge for any team trying to make a big run in both February and March. Rotation wise this allows Cuonzo to have a combination of sub-packages to spell Jaylen and Ivan. Kameron Rooks, Kingsley Okorah, Noah, Ivan Rabb, Jaylen Brown and possibly Stephen Domingo is a pretty formidable group that would be able to play toe-to-toe to any frontline in the NCAA. Will we be able to draw him to come play with the gang at Haas Pavilion? Time will tell. But Coach Martin said it best. Why Not Cal?

California Love. California Rising.