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Cal football projected to win five games in 2015 by Vegas: Over or under?

Hiya Vegas.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Snap back to reality. Vegas still isn't thinking so much about the experienced California Golden Bears that improved from one to five wins last season, keeping their over and under at five wins for this season.

Why is the over/under set there? Probably because Cal has a top five difficult schedule in the country in 2015.

  • Cal is switching out Colorado and Arizona with Utah and Arizona State. Arizona and ASU is pretty much a wash, but "at Utah" is a much scarier matchup than "Colorado", and that game went to double overtime.
  • Cal should have an easier home non-conference game in San Diego State compared to BYU, but their road trip to Texas will be a lot harder than their Northwestern game.
  • How difficult is Cal's road slate? at Texas, at Washington, at UCLA, at Utah, at Oregon, at Stanford. The Bears need to do decently well in this slate, but it's quite possible they win only one or two road games here.
  • Cal loses an extra home game (even though Cal technically sacrificed a home game to play Oregon in Santa Clara). It's pretty winnable: Grambling State, San Diego State, Washington State and Oregon State are all there. But USC and Arizona State wrap it up.
  • The games you'd expect Cal to win this year: Grambling, San Diego State, WSU, OSU, Washington.
  • The games you're on the fence about: Arizona State, at Texas, at Utah, at Stanford
  • Probably a loss: USC, at Oregon, at UCLA

What do you think Cal fans, how many wins are you predicting and would you put your money where your mouth is?